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  1. Going through Saekano season 2, seen 7 episodes so far.
    I like how the tone in the last few episodes is a little more serious than before. I'd rate it ~7.5/10 right now.

    On 9/3/2019 at 3:15 AM, Ohiotaku said:

    Fate Zero loving this series


    F/Z is indeed surprisingly dark, but Rider is such a fun character. It ended up pretty high in my favourites list, glad you're enjoying it as well :)

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  2. The worst natural disaster that occurred here, that I know of, is the North Sea flooding of 1953. This resulted in the Delta Works, which have prevented similar things from happening.

    My mom, and her (grand) parents lived in Baarlo, which was hit by the river Meuse overflowing during the '90s. She told about that a few times.
    The effects of the water levels that were reached then are still visible, and it's honestly quite amazing how much land was flooded.

    The storms we have can reach high wind speeds, but aren't as destructive as tornado's.
    The worst one I can remember was in 2016. We had heavy rainfall and high wind speeds where I live, but five minutes away there was a really bad hailstorm, with hailstones the size of tennis balls.

    But storms that bad are relatively rare here, we get weather alarms once or twice a year.

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  3. "Anime grind" and slam is honestly some of my favourite stuff to come out of those scenes. 😳 Jig-ai and Go-zen are great. Dehumanizing also has some fantastic guitar parts.
    For some reason, a good number of those anime bands have ridiculously good productions on their albums. Really crisp and clear, compared to a lot of other goregrind and slam bands.


    Milking The Goatmachine
    The Dali Thundering Concept
    Thank You Scientist - really good prog rock / jazz fusion band, but their name is... eh

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  4. Hello! Welcome to AF!

    19 hours ago, JigglyChaos said:

    watching animes loooooonnnnggg after they have first aired.

    I do the same thing. Also a bit of a slow watcher, never really watched anime "seasonally".

    Hope you have fun around here!

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  5. Dang, that looks like a fantastic set.

    On 8/9/2019 at 4:01 PM, Humbby said:

    Babymetal CD's

    Neat. I have their first album as well, but want to pick up the second one sometime. And their third, when it comes out soon...


    Got some new CDs
    The Ocean Collective: Pelagial and instrumental version of Phanerozoic I
    Dream Theater CD: Images And Words and Metropolis Pt. II
    Southern Empire: Civilisation

    Also got a new cabinet for them.




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