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  1. Netflix has a party option but I'm not sure if you have to have a Netflix account in order to watch with others. That would limit you to only Netflix movies & animes though.
  2. Science. Iphone or Android?
  3. Back to the Future part II is the only one I can think of which takes place on 21/11/2015.
  4. Sasuke


    I kind of enjoy WW2 facts and documentaries so it would probably be people from there, such as people there first hand.
  5. Sasuke


    Probably just people hitting on co-workers as well. A lot of people look at work as a singles bar and forget they are supposed to be in a professional environment.
  6. I woke up starting my day off wrong today. Got tangled in my headphones getting out of bed - because I fall asleep listening to music - and tripped out of the bed onto the floor into my dresser knocking everything off.
  7. You should check into a lot of things first before moving country, the first being how to obtain, and the cost to obtain, a visa. You can't do anything without that and one of the biggest obstacles is obtaining a visa to live and work in that country to begin with. You usually need a job already lined up to be eligible for a visa to move or have substantial reason to be there. Substantial meaning you are marrying someone there or are originally from there and have family already living there that will vouch to support you. With visas they are usually thousands of dollars to obtain specially if you plan on becoming an actual citizen and most countries make you take tests and attend school to become a citizen so it would be good to find out about that process as well.
  8. Agree with @Sakura I have not read it but based on the description it does sound like a good read.
  9. The ones that I buy are usually because I have already watched the anime and want to get into reading the manga behind it.
  10. I don't really watch anime shows with friends, unfortunately. The closest to that I've done is I've watched a few different things with my brother such as Bleach and One Piece. I don't mind watching those with him but I typically watch it alone. I have watched anime movies with someone before, such as the Samurai X movies, and that was enjoyable.
  11. Very good anime, one of the first ones that I got in to. It would be one of those animes that I would definitely recommend to people to watch.
  12. I am a little weird so maybe that's why. I typically tend to enjoy the story line behind animes that I watch, plus, I believe overall watching anime just feels good and keeps me connected to my childhood side.
  13. I'd agree with what Beocat said, from what I've seen in the comment sections for YouTube a lot of it seems to be just people being trolls or just finding little details to hate about everything, regardless of what you are posting. If you make YouTube videos and are able to handle criticism - and a lot of it - I would opt to not read the comments.
  14. I don't tend to look at reviews and rating for anything. I just look for things that I think I would like and watch it. I also browse anime forums around the internet for suggestions or just get recommendations from friends for different things too.
  15. Hello and welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your time spent here.
  16. Hi there and welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around.
  17. Hello there and welcome. Hope to see you around the forums.
  18. Hey there new person and welcome to our forums. Enjoy your stay here hope to see you around.
  19. Hey there new person, and welcome. Enjoy your stay here in the forums.
  20. Hey there and welcome. Enjoy your time here.
  21. Hey there. Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your time here. Hello there and welcome. Hope you enjoy your time at the forums and hope to see you around.
  22. Great idea, good way to get the community together online.
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