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  1. Happy Christmas Ya'll! Hope you have a safe, warm, and most excellent Holiday 🎄

    1. Sakura


      Merry Christmas to you! 🎄☃️

    2. viruxx


      Merry Christmas!

    3. Ohayotaku


      Hope it was a good one for you

  2. Lamenting the crash of my main computer. Stalling on getting back to inking. Looking for something to watch, but can't watch subs and work at the same time. Woe is me.

    Maybe it's time for dinner :3 (do you see a kitty face for kissy face? I prefer the kitty face reading).

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    2. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      Ugh, double posted. I am a hot mess.

    3. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      I would have panicked if I'd lost everything! I'm glad you got your stuff downloaded okay 😧 It's the worst feeling, thinking you've lost all your stuff. Ugh...I can only imagine the stress of dealing with that repair (still, again glad you saved your stuff).


      XD LOL, I know, right? I can't really do two things at once. But I mean, if I'm just inking or sketching, I can look back and forth if it's dubbed. If I'm watching subs, that needs my full attention XD I'm a slow reader, so I have to pause and back things up sometimes (I uh...I try not to watch subs with people since I know that's annoying as heck).


      Thankfully, my computer booted back up okay. I moved some stuff immediately to my backup drive. I'm very fortunate to have someone who knows how to fix computers. My main problem is I despise the subscription model for Adobe products (I bought the damn program, I don't need updates), but when Apple updated to a new OS, they no longer supported even opening my old CS5 program (which just feels criminal, man). So I have to have this weird program work around so I can still scan stuff and keep certain things updated for security purposes, while still being able to use my old programs.

      In other words, I essentially am running on the ducktape version of internal coding XD XD It's bound to crash sometime. But I refuse to buy a subscription! It burns my soul  🔥

    4. Animedragon


      I'm glad to hear you got your stuff off your computer, it's a great relief when you succeed in doing that. It's also good that you've got someone you can turn to when your machine has problems.

      I agree with you on the matter of subscription software and am a great supporter of the "buy once use forever" camp. 🙂

      With the Adobe stuff I use the Elements versions of both Photoshop and Premiere because they have all the features I need and neither of them requires a subscription.

  3. I realize I only pop in here every now and then. 2022 has be a bit rough (though, I can't pretend I was on the forum much in 2021, either XD)

    But anyway, I love to see the music people are listening to. Thank you to those here sharing their interests. Let's hope 2023 will be better.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Full Image on Imgur.

    2022 Retrospective.png

  4. Da da da! I haven't been around much because we're moving XD I'm barely able to keep up with my comic and videos...I miss hanging here, and I will return!

  5. I haven't been around much since I'm prepping to have my very first book at a convention! I'm super stoked, but...it's been pretty busy.

    I'm still puttering around here, and hope to be more active after the new year :D Just an FYI for anyone wondering :3

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    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I'll check it out, don't worry, there are people who don't have lives 😂 

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      Alright, two things.

      I thought you were a guy all this time 😂 Can't really say why, but only after checking out your youtube page I got it that I was wrong 😂 

      The other thing is, so far there are three completed acts and the other are coming after that conference right?

    4. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      Ah, thanks for checking it out! :3

      I've actually gotten pretty far on the comic (up to Act 6), but I'm redoing it all from the beginning, so I'm only just getting to Act 4 on the fixes :D 

      It's okay you thought I was a dude XD  I didn't really specify on here, so it's an easy mistake. The con was really fun!  I got to meet Shinichiro Watanabe and get his autograph!! Super cool :D



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