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  1. Nice avatar! FMA is one of my absolute all time favourites. Took me a year to get round to finishing, but I'm so glad I did :)

    1. Mazino


      Thanks haha. One year aff, that's a quite long time :O I finished FMA within one week, i was so hyped back then :D

    2. Nectar


      Wow just one week? :0 That's dedication :P Well it wouldn't usually take that long but last year I was only just getting into anime and so wasn't really that interested all the way through. I think I dropped it 3 times throughout the year before finally finishing. Since I finished it I haven't stopped watching other series and I've yet to slow down :)

    3. Mazino


      Ohh this is understandable, it all depends on your motivation and mood. I remember even leaving a few animes unfinished till i decided (due the fact everybody was talking about it) to finsh and get rid of them for all time :D I'm glad you made it, some people give up at halfway and regret it for their whole life. I will have to finish Zetsuen no Tempest, otherwise i'm on a good way to improvement. ;)

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