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  1. *throws bread* MUCO!

    How have you been, buddy? :D

    1. Mazino


      Wooooooooow! Welcome back, pal! Been doing pretty good, how things are on your end? 

      *catches and puts jam into it, then throws the other half of the bread back"

      I can always depend on you coming back to here haha. You are still aspiring to become a writer, right? You ought to inform me when you release your works. 

    2. Xyro


      Heh, you know me. Can't stay away from here. Its always been my home at the end of the day :3

      been doing great! Started Uni, got the entirety of my story's basic draught done, and now I'm working on starting up another series on the side too! So all I have to do now is get the final draught done for MMaM, then I can look to get it published! :D

      *Catches the other half of bread, and bites into it with pride* 

      *Munch*... Is always good to see ya buddy! 

    3. Mazino


      "Home sweet home" <3

      Of course I do know you, like we are from the times where this place used to have an inbuilt chat haha. Glad to see that you are still as motivated and dedicated to do what you love. 

      *takes a bite of the bread as well*

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