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  1. After watching Bunny Girl Senpai for 4 episodes - I have had the urge desire to try shoko sticks with energy drink as reference to the third episode. Honestly the anime cover was what kept me away from watching it until now but this was in the recommendation page of Just Because so I had to give it a chance. Just to find out that it has nothing to do with bunny girls. A little disappointment...okno.


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    2. Mazino


      @Ohiotaku I haven't noticed the hype honestly but so far (episode 4 atm) is pretty enjoyable.

       Mal score and the top review with a raiting of 4.  #malinanutshell

      @Nova Ok I will give you two sticks, please don't take the whole box. 😟

    3. Nova


      Make it three @Muco does 🐱meow

    4. Ohayotaku


      The hype may have been mainly over on CR forums. Lot’s of folks drawing Haurhi Suzimiya parallels. Of course I think that got too much attention as well :P

      Gawd I sound like a troll 😂

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