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Status Updates posted by Mazino

  1. I had to clean up my room for like 2 hours. 

    Crazy how much dust forms beneath your furniture. Well the neat freak I am, it was something I had to get rid of.


    1. RyePotatoes


      Can you clean my room too? 🤣

    2. Mazino


      Sure will help you by giving you advices where to clean :P

      Seriously though, I believe your room is clean otherwise Imma call Levi. xD

    3. RyePotatoes


      It's probably best to call Levi :P 

  2. Happy Birthday @ssjup81

    Have a great day 🎉

  3. Finally weekend! 

    Now I should be able to lean back for awhile and watch some anime.


  4. When was the last time I welcomed any new member? I must have gotten tired of welcoming every new member after realizing that they'll never show up here ever again. 

    Or am I just conserving energy as Houtarou would say in this very moment :D

  5. Is your profile picture by any chance of the Light Novel Mushoku Tensei?

    It was on my to-read list for awhile now, would you recommend it? 


    1. Decimo


      @MucoYes! It's Eris to be exact. Regarding your second question, and please understand that I am very very biased about this series, I 100% recommend it to anyone who reads light novels or likes fantasy/isekai. It's my favorite light novel series and I honestly adore all the characters in it. Just a warning, I know some people did not like Rudy whatsoever due to his nature in the beginning of the story, but he has some of the best character development I have seen in my opinion. 

      But yes, definitely give it a read if you have the time and give me your thoughts if you'd like!
      (The LN finally got licensed in the West recently which is great news since I've been wanting a physical copy) 

    2. Mazino


      I read the description beforehand and It was one of those MMORPG Light Novels we've excessively. That's why I was approaching it with caution. Thanks for your opinion even if it was biased, I will read it nevertheless 😆 and see for myself.

    3. Decimo


      @MucoYeah the whole isekai craze has definitely made the market over-saturated. If you haven't read it already, The Faraway Paladin is another excellent fantasy isekai. The tone is a bit different from most isekai, almost western-like, but it's still a great read. And you're welcome, I hope you enjoy it, even if just a little bit!

  6. R.I.P Stefán Karl Stefánsson.

    Lazy Town marked a little but noticeable piece of my childhood. 

  7. Heyy Rye, how have you been?

    I was away for a short time but now i am back yay, where did you hide the potato pancakes?!?

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    2. RyePotatoes


      Ehhh really? So you're joining the Administration Vacancy? O.O 

    3. Mazino


      I don't have enough spare time left besides my studies so writing an application to any of the vacancies was never an option to me. I hope someone else will take over for Optic. 

      Did you write an application to one of the vacancies, @RyePotatoes?

    4. RyePotatoes


      Naaaah, too busy with college and all. I'm even reprimanded by my very close friend not to be a lazy bum and attend other activities. I'm so busy with just academic stuffs how much more with other activities on the load XD 

  8. It's unbearable HOT here in Germany and apparently (regarding the weather forecast) it's going to get to 36° C in a couple of days.

    How's the weather at your location? Do you feel like if you're going to melt under the sheer heat, too? :D


    1. XII360


      36c isnt that bad, since thats somewhat room-temp-ish

      ..oh wait im retarded, its 25c is room temp, 37 was body temp >.>

      my place's temp seems to be, normal,

      for a thunderstorm that has no thunder in it atleast,

      i dont see any rain or clouds, only bright sky <.>

      and it seems stable on that temperature ?


    2. Myouya


      In Madrid it's almost 40 degrees Celsius, but where I am now it's around 20. Super duper!

  9. Why am I so obsessed with school club animes? I've been watching through the whole night and finished both seasons 1, 2 of Oregairu. I want to take a nap so badly right now 😪

    1. RyePotatoes


      School club animes ehhh? Then K-On was definitely your starter pack! 

    2. Mazino


      I avoided watching it due to it being a girly anime but will give it a second thought once i'm done watching ReLife & Ao Haru Ride. 😸

      Though, feel free to recommend me some good animes in this direction, i'm happy to watch it. 😁 

  10. Nekoooooooooooooooooooooo-chan ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ

    Howdy Rye, how have you been? 

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    2. RyePotatoes


      Ehhhh, so you're a tanned Muco now huh? XD

      Wahhh I nearly forgot! You're my Waifu <3 xD

    3. Mazino


      Ohh yeah, I look tanned a bit. 😄

      I wish we would have summer vacations right after this weekend...we're basically doing city trips cause the semester is nearly coming to an end and nobody wants to sit inside a classroom at 25° degree and study. xD

      waifu is laifu ☺️

    4. RyePotatoes


      I like City Trips :D As long as I don't get touched by sun rays XD 

  11. I should give more attention to the weather forecast the next time i'm going outside without my umbrella in spring.



    1. Myouya


      Yes… probably a good idea…

  12. Welcome to AF @C_C_S-san. I hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

    I'm postively suprised about your recent activity and I also like your list of favorite animes. 


    1. C_C_S


      Thank you so much! It’s a pleasure to meet you Muco! :)

  13. Heyoo guys, how are y'all doing? Sorry for the lack of activity lately.

    Been watching straight all 3 seasons of Haikyuu during my free weekend and fell in love with the series. Starting to watch sport animes more frequently now. Don't hesitate to recommend me some good sport related animes xD. 


  14. it's a day that only comes once a year, you wake up and smile from ear to ear, you feel happy, today's your day so i'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday ;)



  15. Happy new year everyone. Farewell 2017.

    1. RyePotatoes


      Happy New Year!

  16. How are you doing Potatoe-sama? *throws golden potatoes at the front door*

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    2. RyePotatoes


      Yep! I think just Rye suits me best and many people call me Rye xD

      Anyways, how are ya? Still fanning on KPop?

    3. Mazino


      I'm good, how about you?

      I listen to kpop casually but not as much as i used :D

    4. RyePotatoes


      I'm actually back to fangirling this certain boyband that I used to fangirl when I was still in 7th graade <3 

  17. I guess it's time to chill a bit cause my exams are over for this semester yay


    1. Tefutakato
    2. Mazino


      Thank you i'll do ;) 

    3. SleepyLeoulf


      Awesome enjoy your time away from studies~ 

  18. Made in Abyss - starting off with the series right after 2 months of break was a good choice, hope for a second season.

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    2. Mazino


      I already finished the series, overwhelmingly positive. I'd definetely give it a shot :)

      Sneak peek: It's an adventure alike anime with a great deal of fantasy.


    3. RyePotatoes


      Ooooh, I'll hit you up Once I've finished it :D

    4. Wodahs


      Feel the same way , really liked it , hope we get to see more of their journey

      And today myanime list informs me season two is a confirm

  19. Ok, this profile looks presentable now. What do you think guys? ^-^

  20. Have we met each other in another life? xd *silence* However, welcome to AF AlphaProxy, may your stay last forever. I sincerely hope you'll stick around here a bit longer than most of the newcomers. See ya.

  21. Greetings in beforehand, guuuuys, how you have been?

    1. Viper


      Welcome back

    2. Wodahs


      Heya Muco , how's things

  22. Back to regular activity :D

    1. RyePotatoes


      Okaerinasai! :) *blows glitter confetti*

    2. Viper


      Welcome back

  23. Inactive for awhile, have alot of stuff to do + workin at a electric shop. Mention me if you have anything to say or PM me. Back in 2 weeks.

    1. zoop


      Godspeed, and good luck!

    2. RyePotatoes


      Bye Byeeeeeeee Mucooooo

    3. Viper


      Good luck with everything

  24. Any kpop fans? :)

    1. Freya-Lilith


      I like K-pop. :)

    2. Kohloo


      I'm new to it! There's some good stuff though :)

  25. I have to improve my english, only eng subs from now on :D

    1. Nutty


      Great! Hope you have fun while you're at it :)

    2. Hana16


      I'm actually doing the same ^^ try dubbed series too !

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