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  1. Oh well the beach volleyball anime...not seen yet. Diamond no Ace
  2. I liked the talk of Charlie Cleveland on GDC regarding the design of Subnautica. It's a great game that gives you a closer look into the underwater world. Well, someone like me who would probably never do any diving in real life, this is pretty fascinating.


  3. Hey there @Ohiotaku, you are into Baseball?

    Are you watching Diamond no Ace by any chance? (third season is airing right now - you might have heard of it) Been binge-watching for the past weeks, couldn't think I would enjoy it this much despite of the lack understanding of the game "strikes, ball, out, safe and so many other terminologies like curve ball, change-up etc", baseball sure is quite versatile. 

    Also baseball is popular in japan and this was the biggest surprise of all 😆


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    2. Seshi


      Ohhh! Okay. I thought you meant Haikyuus Art. Since it wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve heard that the characters look like baby alligators 

    3. Ohayotaku



      Hanebado does have some character exploration and development. And it looks like Battery is on Prime so I’ll give it a try when I start Vinland Saga.

    4. Mazino


      @SeshiOh I thought always Hinata looked like a squirrel at best. 😏

      @Ohiotaku I hope you will enjoy Vinland Saga and Battery (it's also geared towards slice of life fans)

      Two birds with one stone ~

  4. I have only seen 7 out of 10 and Naruto, OPM, FMA, AOT (so many acronyms ) are the only ones deserving a spot on my favorite list. NGNL brought a new concept to the isekai genre when it was first released but this whole brother-sister relationship is sickening with all the fan service centered around Shiro. Tokyo Ghoul is an example of bad anime adaptation or lack of budget, potential was there but was not used properly. Mixed opinions on SAO - S1 part 1 and S2 part 2 are worth mentioning.
  5. Hey there, Cruck. It's a great feat to become a dragon keeper but you shall become a true dragon keeper, one who can befriend dragons and perhaps take me along for a ride? The name is Arkados and the last heir to the family Dardian. Our family was known for it's infamous illusion magic and my goal is to create the greatest illusion humankind has ever seen.
  6. Sirius is way too overpowered along with Lupin...gotta nerf them down one bit by one Harry~10 Ron~11 Hermione~10 Ginny~10 Fred~10 Seamus~10 Dean~10 Lupin~10 Pettigrew~10 Sirius~9
  7. I can't wait for the last young samurai book by Chris Bradford!!!

    His books have been following me throughout my youth and motivated me to read more often. 



  8. Any doubts of mine have vanished into thin air with the latest episode showing how anime adaptations are done right.
  9. Nyanko-sensei hands down. Your true anime spirit animal so to speak Well, this is really something anybody with a cat would wish for. Maybe hide the alcohol for obvious reasons LoL.
  10. Nezuko is so adorable and Tanjiro is doing a pretty good job as the older brother. I've actually read far beyond this chapter in the manga and hence I believe that they will release another season with 24 episodes (the manga has way too much source material, like could even have a third season at this point).
  11. Now that you mention, I've completely overlooked Demon Slayer's OP - Gurenge by Lisa. I find the song really appealing and fitting to Demon Slayer and it's a catchy record you would listen to as many times as possible. (just listened to this while reading for 4 times prior posting this) I like the latest opening of Black Clover, (it has 8 openings as of now) and sometimes I feel like the opening quality is better than the episodes they release haha)
  12. ^This was exactly what I was thinking while reading the thread title. (didn't watch the anime tho, what a bummer)
  13. Well this is understandable because nobody really would be willing to watch an anime with so many episodes like OP unless he fully commits himself to watch only that. I have realized over the years that I tend to "put an anime on hiatus" unconsciously, in particular with long running shounen anime where slow pacing plots/arcs can kill the whole thing. Whereas 12 episodic anime, f.e are more forgiven, as far as the anime studio adapts it accordingly. Vinland Saga for instance did the anime adaptation fairly well. I have read the manga to 50 chapters (which would be equal to 24+ episodes and even more, no idea how they are planning to fit it into 24 episodes) but the first chapter of the manga is different to what we see in the anime. The Anime Studio decided to follow a linear storyline, what you would normally see in the first episodes could have been "flashbacks" of Thorfinn's childhood if they decided to follow the original manga. Anyways. I digress but yeah maybe give Black Clover another try and watch it dubbed if you want to. Normally, not a fan of dubs but the dub version for B.C is better than sub.
  14. Where did you disappear all of a sudden? You are AF's game engine so get back asap. 😆 

    Specially with all the new games coming in the second half of 2019.

    1. RepentantSky


      Sorry about that. For some reason that I'm not aware of, I was IP banned for a very long time. Hope you're still around to see this, because I am finally back. 

    2. Mazino


      Good to see you back 👍

  15. I always prefer watching an AMV over reading some reviews on MAL where people tend to exaggerate. Actually if you've seen anime for a long time, you will eventually give it 3 episode before either continuing or dropping it. I am still watching Black Clover since it's initial release, regardless of the fact that people have been complaining about Asta's screaming and branded it as a bad anime from the get-go. Most MAL reviews for BC were also based off of the first couple episodes but if you have just kept watching it up until now then you won't be having any regrets. Don't get influenced by reviews too much - they're a great source but they also can affect your decision heavily. (which you might regret at some point)
  16. Well I got to be the sword hero, fitting for me. He was the only hero out of the 3 trio who didn't hate the shield hero with passion, like getting in his way all the time. The one who pointed out the interference of the B. in the 1vs1 fight vs the spear hero and also been entrusted by the shield hero to find out the truth by giving him the church rosary.
  17. As the title implies, what are some of your favorite openings and endings for this summer? Do you favor them due to the song, visual or content? Anyway, lets dive into it and my favorite openings of summer are from Vinland Saga and Fire Force. Only Ending that I liked was from To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts.
  18. I am gonna leave this for the upcoming posts. Anyways lets get back to the rating. Been binge-watching Diamond no Ace so will have to look into this sport anime at some point. It's sadly not my cup of tea but certainly good enough for a rating of 7/10. Diamond no Ace - Grow Stronger Day by Day
  19. Congrats on becoming Community Managar, @Seshi.

    1. Seshi


      Thank you so much, Muco ^-^ 

      It's been quite enjoyable.

    2. Mazino


      I liked how you added an additional sub-forum for only airing anime. It's much better this way.

  20. 91 Days and Gansta. (the latter one will most likely not continue due the studio going bankrupt - unless another studio picks it up which is pretty unlikely)
  21. Anime Series: Erased, Darker than Black, D. Gray Man, ReLife, Your lie in April, Pandora Hearts and Zetsuen no Tempest. Anime Movies: Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, A Silent Voice and Crystal Sky of Yesterday.
  22. Was this not available before the platform changed? Afaik, there was this option where you could tick a checkbox and get notified whenever followers post or create a thread in any or on a specific forum section. It's possible to narrow down this with more options like "only follow content from anime section" so you don't get over flooded with notifications. I would probably follow the anime section directly if in case i wanted to engage in discussions and would want to stay up to date.
  23. Hey @hollow11, thanks for the follow and welcome to AF.

    Have you seen the third season of Bungou Stray Dogs yet?

  24. Vinland Saga. Fire Force, The Kings Avatar 2 (not released but seen trailer) and Cop Craft are the ones I will be looking out for this season. Everything else I've seen so far has not caught my interest yet. I have to re-watch all parts of DanMachi first before watching season 2 but it's on my watchlist.
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