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  1. I should do more biking now since the weather is rather refreshing with the cold wind blowing in my face.       


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I wish I had a bike like that! With all the springs in the middle and stuff 😂 I used to bike a lot with friends when we were kids but we never had the money for one of these bikes. Have you ever taken a longer tour on it, and can say anything about if your lower back hurts afterwards (it often does in those without the springs)

    2. Muco


      I prefer to save money for a bike rather than buy the newest console or game. I don't know when I inherited this mindset from my parents but this is the best excuse I've haha. I have had no time to do long rides with it so can't tell you that. I hope you will get a good bike for yourself too, maybe worth a thought after the cold season is over.


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