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  1. I finally managed to get a couple decent pictures of the new year 2020, hope you will have a great year and stay warm.
  2. Happy New Year to everyone.

    I will upload a picture later with the fireworks and don't overdo the drinking too much :D

    1. Xyro


      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ^^

  3. I should add this also slows down the website tremendously due to the excess of ads being displayed. Sometimes, after submitting a post, it takes up to a couple mins to load.
  4. I dislike it for giving a bad impression about anime to the general public. Little girls aka loli's sexualized, heavy fan-service, pretty much anything that is NSFW and unfortunately, this is the ONLY view of many in regards to anime.
  5. Its gonna be chill for the next couple weeks so will try to be more active here. 

    Whats up guys? 

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    2. Muco


      I don't celebrate Christmas. That is probably why I'm not so busy during this time of the year.

      How about you, busy too? 😀

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I don't celebrate it either 😂 

      But I'm busy with work stuff. You got holiday/winter break?

    4. Muco


      Holidays start next week but I managed to settle most of the things in beforehand thus am not too busy so close to holidays. 

      Gl with your work stuff


  6. I am no big fan of fast-food restaurant chains like MC Donalds but the commercial is very fitting to the current season and well made.
  7. Which one do you prefer as Main Character? I personally think the amount of MC's with heroic, righteous traits are common to the point you could fill an ocean, whereas MC's with evil intentions and dark schemes can be counted in one's hand. Surprisingly, most of these MC's with a wicked, shrewd and evil personality tend to be loved by the crowd. Death Note, Code Geass and Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki) are a few to name. Why do you think is it so? Third and last question is, Why are there less anime with an evil MC? Any recommendations are warmly appreciated! If you know any Anti-Hero anime you think deserves praise, feel free to mention it.
  8. Muco

    Post your Sky View

    The Night Sky really is beautiful while the moon is shining in it's full glory
  9. Let's say there was potential (although the male MC looks like Kirito) but it went all down the drain with those loli quarrels and magic fights. I really don't know if this was just a coincidence but for the KyotoAni Fire to take place while they were working on Fire Force...is pretty upsetting and saddening. Well, I read the manga of Fire Force in beforehand and decided to drop the series at episode 2. If the second cur is good enough then feel free to mention me here @Ohiotaku
  10. The Photography Club will be hosting seasonal events where you can post pictures for the specific season. What comes into your mind when you think of Fall? Do you think of flying a kite while the trees gradually lose their leafs? Or is it pumpkins? Halloween? Rain? There are numerous amount of things you could have in mind but do you capture those precious moments of Fall? If you do then feel free to share them right here. I will be starting with this one as it's common but yet unique to only Fall.
  11. You can't really compare Japan to a country like USA or other western countries. Anime industry had little to no changes in terms of work conditions within all these years, thus it's hardly possible to change it now, all of a sudden. Take for example, game developers (who share some similarities as animators in japan), it's a job solely driven by passion. If you really wanted to make a good living out of coding, wouldn't you work in a job-field with a better salary and with the assurance of staying in the company for another couple years. Job contracts for game devs usually go for as long as the project lasts. It was also mentioned and explained in the video why a change is difficult to be made - watch from here on wards. I have found this on reddit and can agree upon many points he stated below:
  12. What is your take on this video below? Do you think Animators deserve more recognition about their work as well as have a better work condition? Is being an animator in Japan the least paid job and how it's compared to an animator living outside of Japan? Share your thoughts below...
  13. Ah, guess what happened after a couple minutes of taking this picture? It suddenly started to rain and I came back home soaked in water.
  14. I feel like Special 7 will be good enough to watch, especially with the introduction of a new villain we could see in the end of the first episode. Don't really have much to add concerning Fairy Gone, plot-wise it's a joke but the idea of being possessed by animal like creatures possessed by fairies is something uncommon and unique that I wouldn't mind the bad plot. Most likely, I won't have the time to watch Granblue 2nd Season. Not necessarily an anime i've been looking forward to watch since the first season was merely good enough as a way of passing time when you got nothing else to watch. No clue about Assassin Pride so I will give it 3 episode. (anime cover didn't really impress me)
  15. I laid my eyes upon Radiant 2nd Season, Ahiru no Sora, Fairy Gone 2nd Season & Special 7. Also can't wait for the third season of Psycho Pass that will be airing in 2 weeks. If you are curious about a full list of anime going to be released this fall then be sure to check this website. https://anichart.net/Fall-2019
  16. It's raining currently and my bike ends up getting wet again. (happened last week) I put a bag around the saddle to keep it dry. Unfortunately, there is no place with a roof nearby where I could put it down until the rain is over.
  17. If you are living in a place where daily life goes by pretty quick then you've probably experienced quite a handful of beautiful, weird and fascinating moments. Did you ever think of standing still and capturing the moment of your life and share it with others? Could be anything, really. Maybe a cappuccino you are enjoying or a cake you just baked. Whatever it is, share it here. Let's start with this one right here!
  18. I've gotten into photography recently and knowingly some of you around the forum share the same passion - founded the photography club. Surely, some of you are confused and aware of the club having had a different name and focus which was primarily on Light Novel. What happened to the Light Novel Club, you may ask? My interests have shifted over the years as well as activity wise. A Club doesn't last long if you don't keep it active as the leader/founder. It's the same even in anime, once a club has no members or produce results, it will close down and be replaced by another club. Frankly speaking - I reached the limit of creating clubs so I had to resort to closing down the Light Novel Club. Anyways! Welcome to the Photography Club!
  19. I will have to say that the 10th episode was visually the best so far and in general the best episode to date, partly due to Askeladd showing a tiny bit of his real self that really makes him to my favorite character in Vinland Saga. I really wish Thorfinn would try to comprehend the wisdom Askeladd shared with him.
  20. What type of anime hairstyle do you like? Feel free to name the character and post pictures of it and why do you like it. Is it a hairstyle you have yourself, perhaps? Comment below and let's find out if there are any similarities in how we choose our favorite hairstyle in anime. To start things off: Mikoto from K Project and Luculia from Violet Evergarden. I like Mikoto's hairstyle because it reflects his character and him as the Red King, looks also like a lion-mane. I honestly don't have a single clue about female hairstyles but Luculia's hairstyle looks pretty unique from my perspective. Mikoto Suoh Luculia Marlborough
  21. Haven't seen this one yet but it feels to be not the type of anime I would watch. Just Because
  22. It may seem somewhat unreasonable to talk in high regards of him after the last couple episodes but the Fire Pillar aka Kyojuro is my second favorite Pillar after Giyu.
  23. Muco

    Philippine Local Chocolates

    Hey, is that me over there? I gotta admit I do look delicious.

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