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  1. 91 Days and Gansta. (the latter one will most likely not continue due the studio going bankrupt - unless another studio picks it up which is pretty unlikely)
  2. Anime Series: Erased, Darker than Black, D. Gray Man, ReLife, Your lie in April, Pandora Hearts and Zetsuen no Tempest. Anime Movies: Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, A Silent Voice and Crystal Sky of Yesterday.
  3. Was this not available before the platform changed? Afaik, there was this option where you could tick a checkbox and get notified whenever followers post or create a thread in any or on a specific forum section. It's possible to narrow down this with more options like "only follow content from anime section" so you don't get over flooded with notifications. I would probably follow the anime section directly if in case i wanted to engage in discussions and would want to stay up to date.
  4. Hey @hollow11, thanks for the follow and welcome to AF.

    Have you seen the third season of Bungou Stray Dogs yet?

  5. Muco

    Summer 2019 Anime

    Vinland Saga. Fire Force, The Kings Avatar 2 (not released but seen trailer) and Cop Craft are the ones I will be looking out for this season. Everything else I've seen so far has not caught my interest yet. I have to re-watch all parts of DanMachi first before watching season 2 but it's on my watchlist.
  6. I would recommend you Angels of Death. (Satsuriku no Tenshi)
  7. It's an unreleased soundtrack, named "Surprise Attack" by the guy who uploaded it on youtube. So you can call it whatever you want but "surprise attack" is fitting for this one.
  8. Muco

    Anime Commercials

    I found this commercial on yt the other day and it's apparently advertising products associated with the company Lotte. (a multinational conglomerate) It's the first anime commercial so far that I know of which isn't published directly from an anime studio. (could've been made by an anime studio)
  9. Thanks for the follow and welcome to AF @kathmeow_

    I like your favorite anime list, did you watch Kimi No na wa yet (My name)?

  10. I prefer both actually. These are the things I look into when choosing male or female character. Obviously this is a very difficult and complicated process I have to go through in order to find the character of my choosing. Male - badass, cool, carefree, smart. Female - badass, cool, carefree, smart, pretty.
  11. What's annoying me right now is the unbearable hot weather. I will have to get a ventilator ASAP.
  12. Muco

    Dororo (2019)

    Ending was decent, story-wise it was okayish and visual-wise it was to my liking, all things considered 9/10 from me.
  13. Who is in your opinion the one who laid down the foundation of anime as it is today? Do you think Hayao Miyazaki and Mikoto Shinkai revolutionized the way how anime is perceived today? There are quite a few questions I would like to ask but who do you consider to be the most valuable contributor to anime? I have named both of the names that I humbly consider to be valuable contributors but listening to anime openings frequently, I came to know another contender known as Hiroyuki Sawano. He was involved in several projects, including AoT, Guilty Crown and Blue Exorcist and more. Aimer as well as Lisa are two vocalists known amongst anime opening enthusiasts.
  14. Depends on the game honestly as well as how much time you are willing to invest. I have been playing several pokemon series (soulsilver, heartgold, diamond etc..) on my Nintendo for the sake of nostalgia. I've tried to finish the game in a different way using different type of pokemon/types and with the knowledge that there would always be a challenge to overcome since you would intentionally make the game harder by playing for example a pokemon comb that is less efficient vs. a specific gym leader. I think LoL players can be perfectly classified into those "casual gamer & hardcore gamers", it gets easier to differentiate when people on ranked have a higher elo due to investing time and energy whilst players on lower ranks don't play regularly or are fairly new or simply don't take it serious as the former. You can be a hardcore player even if you play Tetris, lately I found out that there are apparently tournaments where "pro" tetris players challenge each other. I recall playing Harvest Moon from the get-go (sunshine islands) so I could choose Natalie over Julia. I mean really, going this far should make me a hardcore gamer.
  15. Muco

    Summer AMV Wars

    Thanks for hosting the contest @Seshi. Congrats to my pal @Kinbaryu for winning, nothing beats self-made AMV's. I hope next time more contestants will participate.
  16. Muco

    Summer AMV Wars

    Let's kick off this contest with an AMV of Suisei no Gargantia. Good luck to everyone who is participating
  17. I have not read the manga yet. Usually I don't read the source material (manga) unless my curiosity gets the better of me. (which happens rarely xD) Let's hope they will continue with the anime adaptation in this century so we can get to see the grown up Aladdin soon. Also Hakuryu x Morgiana, despite the odds of it not happening.
  18. I would have to go with the Magi: Adventure of Sinbad. Mostly due to him being my favorite character along with Yunan in the magi series. Although, it's only showing the beginning of Sinbad's journey to form his own nation, which you eventually see in Season 1/2. If I were to be honest, watching Magi: Adventure of Sinbad first would be more reasonable than starting off with the 1/2 season. There are many questions left unanswered in the first 2 seasons, like what is the seven sea alliance and how did that green lizard (Drakon) end up that way. Off-topic: I feel the same way for Black Butler, been binge watching both seasons without doing any research whatsoever and after the ending of season 2, I felt no motivation to watch Book of Circus which aired after season 2. (season 2 was just meh) Could have been better to release Book of Circus before the former.
  19. I am in love with the rain scenes, while a few sun rays trickle through the clouds. Garden of the Words was a masterpiece with the rain theme but this is going to top it even more. I shouldn't expect anything less from Makoto Shinkai, his movies reflect thoughts, emotions and life circumstances in a more relateable and realistic way. This is the english version of the new trailer, if you are interested.
  20. Muco

    Best anime fights

    There are several good ones but from this season it must be AOT season 3 first half - Kennys Squad vs Levi. But overall there are only 3 anime fights popping up in my head.
  21. Muco

    Dororo (2019)

    Dororo is slowly coming to an end and this episode was a great opening for the last 2 remaining.
  22. It's actually midnight here @Seshi so will share it later this day. I will probably pick the most delicious looking donut out of all.
  23. I love strawberry Ice as well @Seshi. I actually went out with my bro to a strawberry field and picked a whole basket full of strawberries last summer. Some were as big as my hand palms. I have already had my share of strawberry ice for this year haha and summer just started. As long the current heat doesn't get any worse, i will stay away from any sort of ice.
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