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  1. Think my time here is drawing to a close. Kind of out of topics to post in and September is just around the corner which means so big name games releasing. :/

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    2. Vitis


      Legend of Dragoon has a sordid nationlistic issue really. While it did pretty well in the West (america or europe) it didn't do so well in Japan and unfortunately when a Japanese game doesn't do well locally they tend to not pursue it any further even if it could be profitable out of country.

    3. Seshi


      Its strange the difference in our preferences really. Like @awesomedude20 pointed out abt Symphogear not doing well in the US but being tremendously popular in Japan.. So odd

    4. Vitis


      Not really different strokes for different folks. People are a product of the society in which they're raised. It's why to an American the prospect of eating an insect is gross whereas in other countries they're delicacies even sold on the streets from stands. It's hard to change people and even with globalization from social media there's going to be long standing values and traditions that keep certain things from seeming off to one another.

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