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  1. Think my time here is drawing to a close. Kind of out of topics to post in and September is just around the corner which means so big name games releasing. :/

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    2. Seshi


      I see. That’s unfortunate that we don’t have as many gamers here as you’re used to seeing among gaming forums.

      I do hope you can find a place that suits your needs better, and if you ever feel the need to discuss a new anime - or an old one that you’ve grown fond of, come on back and discuss it with us! ✌️

      Oh also if you ever hear of a Legend of Dragoon remake... drop me a line if you remember 

    3. Vitis


      I'm pretty sure the Legend of Dragoon sequel and remake are both dead. There was a sort of small tease at a sequel years ago, but it never went anywhere and as for the remake it's apparently a licensing nightmare that kills all hope of some HD retexture not to mention how the game was actually made would make a straight remaster difficulty like the Final Fantasy 7 remaster you can update certain aspects but only to a certain point that it'd still look very old something that doesn't go over great this day and age when most people expect a certain level of graphics with their game or barring a minimal graphic level some sort of aesthetic that excuses the lower graphics like a pixel art style or cell shaded, both are fairly easy on resources and create an art style people are okay with rather than the low poly count of yesteryear.

    4. Seshi


      I saw that with a remake or continuation of another cherished rpg series of the past, that it’s hard to accomplish. Sometimes the ideas just never make it to the production for fear of rejection I guess. Especially when it comes to teams not producing well as it is. Like the major problems that dragon age faced with inquisition. 

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