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  1. On 1/30/2020 at 11:24 AM, Ohiotaku said:

    So which would be more appropriate: Final Countdown or Major Tom (Coming Home)?

    Major tom forsure but the shiny toy guns version

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    4 minutes ago, Faeding said:



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  3. From HunterxHunter ?


    Pitou!? Why?

    Its easy for me to ignore her endless transgressions on happiness and wellbeing...

    Because well

    She's mislead and we all make mistakes...

    This is never more evident


    When Gon finally breaks her...not exact quotes but it something like

    -Finally pitous conciousness began to slip as the light darkened around her. But she was not angry...nor sad... she was at peace.  Glad that it was finally going to end but even in death her body wasnt allowed to rest.. puppeted

    Just like when she was alive.


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  4. 14 hours ago, Sam_harris_43 said:

    What inspires you? 

    I dont know anymore?? Music...mostly.music... but im nearly tone deaf and rythmnless

    Id never be able to experience music the way id want.

    I can play Piano a bit.. but thats just muscle memory. 

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