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  1. I am actually re-watching an anime, called Kanon! (The 2006 version, not the older one.) It's so heart-breaking in places, and has made me very emotional even though it is my fourth or so time watching.
  2. *slowly pokes head into thread* How is everyone?
  3. Oh, there's so many of them! However, one stands out to me strongly. It's an anime called Kanon, based on a visual novel. I won't spoil anything for anyone reading this, but there was a certain part with this character (who I love tremendously) that still makes me cry even though I've seen the anime many, many times.
  4. Thank you so much! I am really enjoying it here so far. FL Studio took years to learn, and even now I learn little things here and there that I didn't know. It takes a lot of time to fully get the hang of a program so that's understandable! And that's true! The salary can be a bit less compared to other jobs even if someone has a degree in the teaching field. Even so, this is one of those jobs I can't get enough of. So even if it were to pay minimum wage, I'd find some way to do it even if I had to get an additional job somewhere else.
  5. I make electronic using a program called FL Studio. It's really fun! I do make it at home, though I have been wanting for a long time to convert my room into a more studio-esque space. I make Vocaloid and progressive house/trance. Sometimes more pop-sounding things as well. I don't teach any specific one subject as I work as a general teacher, so I move around a lot. ^ _ ^ So for instance, science, math, reading, and the like. I am actually starting my new position next week so I am really excited! Nervous as well, but that's a given me thinks.
  6. Hello everyone. ^ _ ^ How are you? My name is Mira. After one of the anime forums I currently frequent has died down by a significant amount, I've decided to move on to somewhere new. It's like a ghost town there these days, and it makes me really sad because I was there for a long time. But I've decided to do my best and seek out another place that I can hopefully call home. ^ _ ^ A little bit about me, I like to make music, write stories, and play Pokemon (not the cards) competitively. I also play the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh card game. I travel here and there for regionals/nationals with the hopes of eventually making it to Worlds. I hope to enjoy my time here and make some great new friends!
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