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  1. Hi there! I'm doing pretty good today, thanks for asking dude! Not all of us are loud, intimidating, chain-smoking/pub going/alcoholic bing-drinkers, lol! No to none of those, lol!!! It's impossible, lol! I wouldn't even wanna start at attempting to try and work out the answer! Cats/kittens, cats/kittens, and more cats/kittens - Online, in real life, anything cats/kittens
  2. I would want to change my school life back when I was going through the whole of my teens and not get bullied and picked on by anyone (which I did for many years on end)
  3. Who would you say that you get along with the most out of the two?
  4. I'd still wanna do and provide whatever was in my power in order to defend our country as best I could, even if the chances were pretty slim to none in order of achieving actual success
  5. My apologies, it's quite easy to forget what I've asked already sometimes, lol! Any brothers or sisters?
  6. I love our culture, heretige and history most of all
  7. I have indeed yes, quite a number of years ago now
  8. Are you not an overly religious person?
  9. Evermore - Dan Stevens - Disney's Beauty And The Beast (2017) OST
  10. It's very awesome Snakes don't scare me at all, no matter how big they are
  11. What's your favour filling(s) in a baked potato?
  12. What anime is the character in your profile pic from?
  13. Hi there The King! Welcome to the forum! It's nice to meet you! I hope that you settle in well and enjoy yourself here! It's a great place!
  14. Haven't see that one yet Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning
  15. I would refuse their offer as anything nuclear related scares me a lot
  16. What's one of your favourite comedy movies of all time?
  17. Ones that involve having to deal with past and future events and as to why they happened and happen exactly in my life as everything in life happens for a reason
  18. Fair enough What are your favourite types of movie to watch?
  19. Pain killers/paracetamol/aspirin, etc, toilet roll, tissues, hand sanitizer and energy bars
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