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  1. They're kinda creepy lol.


    I went to the maid/butler cafe at a con once with a friend. We played jenga :b My friend lost one and had to be 'punished' (literally just her learning a dance), then the butler lost and had to sing us a song or something. It was fun but yeah, it was a really weird vibe in there :b

    • Do you meet most of the selection criteria? Don't SPAM applications unless you are qualified for them!


    I've actually been reading a bit into this and it's not exactly true. If you don't meet all the criteria you can still be considered by writing an especially good cover letter and perhaps even a phone call (find out that hiring manager's name!)


    There's actually a thing where men will often apply for a job even if they only meet 60% of the selection criteria. Women, on the other hand, will often not apply unless they meet 100%. A bunch of sources suggest this may contribute to few women being in fewer senior positions than men. But I digress.


    Most importantly though is that people often forget that people doing the hiring are, well, people! Sometimes just being nice and having a good attitude will be all your need; even if you don't meet the criteria for the job you applied for, they may still create a position for you if they like you enough.


    Also little HR secret, at least 70% of jobs aren't advertised. Most come through networking, so go out and meet people who do the things you wanna do.

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  2. I finished at the end of 2014. I completed a double bachelor degree in:


    Multimedia: majoring in Games and Interactivity

    Science: majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering


    I took it so I could eventually get into game development, which I'm doing now. It'll be my 1yr anniversary at my workplace this week, actually :3

  3. I've had a NES for as long as I can remember (pretty sure my brother plopped the controller in front of me so he had someone to play SMB with, lol). That was my first Japanese thing, though I don't think I knew it at the time.


    Eventually I encountered Sailor Moon. Liked it but could never wake up early enough to watch it. At some point I started watching Cheez TV before school which had Digimon, Pokemon and Cardcaptor Sakura, all of which I enjoyed.


    My primary school also taught us Japanese though I don't remember anything from it except for the 'Big Bird Song' which my teacher would force us to sing at the beginning of each class for 4 years:



    We got to watch the Pokemon movie during class at some point though so that was cool.


    Since I've just found myself watching more Anime and playing heaps of games that originated from there.


    So yeah...

  4. I'd like to start learning how to speak conversational Japanese. Is there anybody else here who has had some experience with this? Do you have any advice? Are you somebody who would also like to try some conversations? Reply here. :3

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  5. So basically this thread is stating that the whole 'weebs are just socially inept hermits' stereotype is just a stereotype? Amazing.


    Probably worth noting that otakus in Anime are designed based on the perceptions of those people 'in Japan' where it is common to find both sides between, 'Woo, Anime is awesome' and 'Ew, Anime is for children.'


    Over here most people I've met are fine though it's hard to come across other fans in certain places. I have an easier time finding people with the same interests now because my University course and workplace had some crossover with people who were fans of Anime, plus I go to cons now as well. It was way harder to find people during high school, back then the only option was forums.

  6. Hey, I'm Queenie. I thought for sure I had an account here from forever ago because I've known Optic for years, but I guess not.


    I've been around the forumsphere for a while, usually under the name 'fantanoice.' If you've seen me before it was probably under that name. :P


    I'm a pretty big Japanese culture fan. I hope to go there and work or possibly study someday. I watch a bit of Anime but not as much as I would like. I do however play a lot of video games, many from Japan. :P


    So yeah, hope we become good mates soon.


    - Queenie

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