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  1. @Ino Yamanaka Greetings to you. Welcome to Anime Forums. I am Keiko.
  2. @Rini Akemi Welcome to Anime Forums!
  3. @xnaylynn Greetings, welcome to Anime Forums! Suit yourself to explore the distinct sections within the forums, and find where you like best.
  4. @DeadWater/Rem I welcome you to Anime Forums! Cat girls are very adorable indeed.
  5. Miyako Yoshika
    Loyal Undead


  6. Kaku Seiga
    The wicked Celestial


  7. @Jiskey Greetings to you, I bid you welcome to Anime Forums. Lovely to have you here.
  8. @Cassandra I draw on paper. I use pencils for sketching, then use a brush pen on top, and then finishn by colouring with colour pencils, or markers. Yes, indeed they are. I am curious of what your style is like.
  9. @Cassandra I do consider myself a multidisciplinary artist. I draw on paper as well!
  10. @Cassandra Hello, welcome to the Forums. I'm wondering, what sort of drawings do you do?
  11. I will prefer Keiko-San, if I choose. Curiously, the kana do not pose such a problem to me. I have recently begun practising with karaoke, and reading the lyrics. Little results so far, I'm confident nonetheless that it might help for pronounciation, reading, and writing. Kanji is something unlike anything I've learned before, but I am eager to continue learning them throughout. If you should like, Amane, feel free to message me anytime for any matter.
  12. This is Eirin Yagokoro.
    Lunarian Goddess.


  13. Oh, feel free to add the honorific suffixes. I mind not. I am in first year, I started four weeks ago. You mentioned you were a beginner as well.
  14. Of course, what else if not? I am a Japanese student as well, I noticed now.
  15. @Amane_Miko Welcome to the Forums. Pleasure meeting you.
  16. I am curious about "tea slimes". What makes them different?
  17. Reading this particular poem made me think... I sincerely do not regret creating this club. I've gotten to see plenty of insightful words and tales like this one.
  18. @Liana Astoria Hello, welcome to Anime Forums. Suit yourself in exploring the Forums and interact with others.
  19. My Instance Dough, dough, Fabric of my eyes. Why, why do you escalate towards the nothingness? It fell into a well, Fade, fade, The hearth of my Heart, Painless, numb, so says the Moon A hiccup of my existence, Refraction, reflection, Cast upon my shade your foam of blight, A void opened, a void shut, Knowledge came, information died, I never escalated into the nothingness, Does such a thing exist? My skin turned over, My eyes are inside out, Where then is my mind? My eyes are the void, my mind is the information, I am no finished book, I am an unfinished book, I can be nothing else.
  20. Fantastic. Hopefully they might be interested in this.
  21. Hello. That's correct, I use the MV software, which eases countless procedures for myself.
  22. Greetings, For some time now, I have been creating a personal project RPG. In principle, based on The Lord of the Rings. I am looking after the whole project myself, however I was suggested by a friend that perhaps I could off the participation of a visual artist from the forums to assist me with certain visual aspects. The purpose of this thread: I invite digital artists to create simple yet meaningful sprites for this project. -The exact amount of sprites missing is uncertain, but it might be at least a dozen -I do not demand wallpaper-like resolutions or quality. The sprites must fit less than 500x500 With chance, I may find an artist offering their practice and time to participate in this project. I suppose this post alone might not tell everything. If you might be appealed by it, questions will be welcomed with answers, to clarify any more concepts or misunderstandings. I may attach a few screenshots of the current game, in hopes of inspiring.
  23. @Channy Welcome to Anime Forums. You are invited to surf as you please, and interact with other members, or the Staff. I bid you a lovely morning.
  24. Hello. I am Keiko, multidisciplinary artist at your service. I am most fond of cosplaying, just as much for drawing, and dedicating my drawings. It has been long since I last shared any drawings on the forums, however, I am very much still invested in it. Other forms of art that I practice are the discipline of poetry, and RPG making (both video game and tabletop). As moderator of Anime Forums, I invite any user experiencing troubles to contact the staff. There is little we cannot solve with coordination and sincere intentions. Additionally, I may add that I am able to communicate in English, Spanish, French, German, and little by little Japanese. I mention this, for the sake of welcoming a possibly wider range of users. It is a pleasure.
  25. Luna Lovegood~11 Cho Chang~10 Penelope Clearwater~9 Marcus Belby~10 Professor Trelawney~10 Professor Flitwick~10 Gilderoy Lockheart~10 Helena Ravenclaw~9

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