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  1. @Matakenuva Hello, welcome to Anime Forums. That sounds like a special commitment to both of you. I fully encourage you both to dedicate yourselves to it, if it truly is your dream. By all means, explore and interact in the forums at will, and do not hesitate asking questions.
  2. @JigglyChaos Hello, welcome to Anime Forums.
  3. I've found it. Thank you.
  4. Is that so? Happy birthday to you, @Wedgy.
  5. Hello @Anime.Girl . Welcome to Anime Forums.
  6. Greetings. I've been considering an idea. I currently own a 'Realms' server, available in every latest version of the game, for the Java edition. I am open to invite known users, some of you, if you should like to play in a Survival world. All I would need is an in game username of the player, and they may join us.
  7. @Casanova15 Welcome to Anime Forums.
  8. @Sky_pelt Welcome to Anime Forums!
  9. "Scorch" came into my mind.
  10. So long as there is order, we needn't prefects.
  11. I'm not sure I've understood the idea. Is it like so? Luna Lovegood~10 Cho Chang~10 Penelope Clearwater~10 Marcus Belby~10 Professor Trelawney~10 Professor Flitwick~10 Gilderoy Lockheart~10 Helena Ravenclaw~9
  12. It seems I was selected in the Ravenclaw house, by 88 score. I like the colours the most.
  13. I like these two very much. They're lovely.
  14. Welcome to you equally.
  15. Hello. Welcome to Anime Forums, @Momoki.
  16. @Scarlet Thunderstormz Greetings, welcome to Anime Forums, I bid you a pleasing time.
  17. I have no idea how it's made, however it does not contain any strawberry. https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/eggs-recipes/crema-catalana/ here is a recipe for it.
  18. This is called Crema Catalana. It is one of my favourite desserts. I do not see it often in restaurant menus.
  19. I dislike (hate is a word too strong for me to use, even jokingly) strawberries.
  20. @SAO LILDOOP Your haiku is truly eloquent. No wonder you have bested mine...
  21. I dislike most forms of slang words. I do not the point of making a gesture that without no explanation is meant to be funny, or an insult that is not even understandable. All the words you have all stated above, hearing them does not please my ears at all. Why even make a sentence ugly on purpose when there are so many ways to make what’s you are telling so much more interesting? The word that’s used wrong the most, I despise anyone who’d use it in their sanity. I hear often “That’s gay!”. You have a serious misunderstanding of language if you cannot make out what your words are expressing. Heck, can you imagine how idiotic these sound? “[email protected]&$’s lit”. Huh? Why are faeces on fire? What’s the relation between something interesting you want to call attention on, and what you are actually expressing? Possivly, another one that I feel adds absolutely nothing to a conversation is “oof”. It is used in absolutely any context, making if practically impossible to attribute a sense. Thus, I generally do not even consider slang words ‘legitimate’, purely for their uselessness.

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