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  1. I doubt anyone is wondering about this, however this former member's goodbye message makes a very serious accusation towards me, and I don't like misinformation. So here's what they're referring to!


    "wants to redefine the meanings of words", they were questioning the existence of a "no LGBT-phobia" rule, I promptly explained it a few times, to no avail.
    "to suit their own agenda", dear human... is an agenda meant to protect individuals from harassment a program that shouldn't be endorsed?
    The conversation I had with this lad a few months ago is still intact, and should anyone request it, I'll happily distribute complete screenshots for you to see with your own eyes their suspicious and obnoxious terms.

    It's usually a shame to lose members like this, but frankly, I'm quite delighted that they did the job of sparing Anime Forums from themselves. It deserves better than members audaciously attacking rules that protect a core and innocent part of the community.


    PS: they were planning on a more dramatic departure? Shoot, I should've set off all the fireworks in celebration... but they're not worth it.

    1. Loli


      Legal action, he's got humor. You do what you can, don't let one comment bring you down lovely.

    2. Metro


      It's crazy to me how much was going on behind the doors, I've been here on/off for my whole adolescence and I've seen so many people come and go. I never thought there was much drama in the place. I still believe this is a great place with a very surprisingly strong community, I've rarely had any issues with the way this place has been run. 

    3. Myouya


      @Metro While I am doing my best to manage and moderate this place, it would be nothing without all the long-time dedicated members, I wholeheartedly agree!

  2. A bit late, but happy Pride Month to all 🌈

    1. Deeath


      happy pride month to you too Myouya! <333 
      Thank you for being so supportive during these times!!

  3. A draft for the new rules and guidelines has been published, I welcome all feedback to make it even more durable and democratic:

    The topic will be locked after 1 week

  4. Here's the official statement!


  5. Some long needed purging is being done all around the forums, a rogue moderator had been deleting posts and topics but that has been resolved for now. Soon I will be stepping in as new Community Manager, it's nigh time to rebuild and restore this charming site!

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    2. Lone Lancer

      Lone Lancer

      I am not one to trust big tech because frankly Mark Zuckerberg and Saint Elon are both scary to me. I am actually very glad to hear that AF is not going away anytime soon.

    3. Myouya


      @Kōyamaki I assure you I shall keep a sharp eye on anything going on under whatever new staff we get, what happened before will not be tolerated again!

  6. Happy new year!


    1. viruxx


      Happy New Year!

    2. Deeath


      Happy New Year to you too! :D

  7. Who wants to join my Pangayke Sorcery Club?


  8. I never thought Madoka Magica would break me so deeply, I got dehydrated from crying (T_T)
    Beautifully tragic and hopeful

  9. Enjoy my Witchy Pangaykes to scare off you know who!


    1. Deeath



      Save some for me? :D
      Lemme take a flag too! ^V^

    2. Myouya


      Thank you, hehehe.
      Suit yourself

  10. I have just found out about the icky transphobic discussions other mods had in the Staff forums a couple of years ago, and I am pretty disappointed.

    I just want to know that if any instance of this happens again I will root it out the moment I learn about it, I will not tolerate bigotry.

    If I miss any, please point it out to me.

    1. Deeath


      As a trans guy, this disappoints me as well. 
      Thank you for the support Myouya. <3

  11. Here is my entry to a Pride month Touhou fangame jam~

  12. Miyako Yoshika
    Loyal Undead


  13. Kaku Seiga
    The wicked Celestial


  14. This is Eirin Yagokoro.
    Lunarian Goddess.


  15. Hello, I am looking at the quiz report. I will see about it when I am on my laptop.

    Through mobile I cannot seem to find a way to move the quiz from ‘anime’ to ‘non-anime’.

    1. Myouya


      @Ohiotaku I have moved the quiz. It is now located in the "non-anime" section.

    2. Ohayotaku


      Thanks for the help 

  16. How nice, yesterday I received a figurine of Flandre Scarlet. This character was formerly my profile image, for a considerable long time.
    Although the colour is somewhat off, I am still very happy with it.

    Flandre Scarlet Figurine.JPG

    1. brycec


      Kind of funny that I see a skull stand with it. Seems like an interesting contrast.

    2. Myouya


      @brycec The lass, she is a vampire. I suppose without context, it is not as ominous as it is meant to be.

  17. Howdy, thanks for playing my quizzes (^=^)
    I am planning to make more soon.

    1. IntoMyWorld


      :) Thanks for making them!

  18. The question I had been asking myself, I finally found an answer to it.
    "What am I?" Well, I am. But I'm not anything, I'm alive, I have a consciousness, I have a will. While I have these within my own controll, I will be stand for my good friends. 

  19. Howdy to you. One question...

    Why is it everytime I check on the online members, 95% of the time you are online? Are you some sort of wizard? What witchcraft allows you to stay that much time awake?

    1. XII360


      I am sorry for not replying on time, my system was having its daily maintenance check-up, 

      I am the brand new, highly advanced A.I. called X.I.I.3.6.0, which stands for xenogear intra, model number one thousand and three hundred sixty

      I am able to stay on due to how i have been implanted as the new service bot and or assistance bot onto the AF, as a sort of new gimmick to attract potential new members beep.


      But nah for reals, i just tend to leave my pc on at like, 90% of the time, which is pretty abusive on my part >.>

      But aside from that, 70% of the time is me really being online, couse i mean, i spend 90% time infront of my pc, either studying or playing games, but i sure leave AF tab open >.>

      Edit: i also waste my mobile data just to be on at times while in school, assuming theres nothing to do >.>....

    2. Myouya


      Hohoho, thanks for the explanation.

      That A.I. introduction looked very legitimate.

  20. I tried on the pieces I have for my cosplay to date. My mother laughed at it, but so did I...
    ↁ_ↁ I want to wear it complete so badly...



      Who are you cosplaying? 

    2. Myouya


      @SAO LILDOOP It's a secret until the time to wear it comes.



      Oooh, mysterious. :) 

  21. I purchased a PlayStation four yesterday, along with the entire Kingdom Hearts saga. Yay.

    1. txGemgal3084


      So in other words you are telling us you won't be around for awhile lol.



      Awesome! I have been saving for a PS4 myself, think I am gonna get it in around a week; hope you have a great time play Kingdom hearts! ~ <3 

    3. Myouya


      @txGemgal3084 Unfortunately, or fortunately, depends how you see it : No, that's not the case. I won't be able to play for a week, heh.

      @SAO LILDOOP I have been saving for it for a year myself, I was so happy when I got it. 

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