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Status Updates posted by Stoodell

  1. I need to prepare myself before watching KyoAni's Sound Epo-... ephopo--.. Sound Euphonium

    1. Optic


      The drama is strong in this one. And the first episode is a double length one. :)

    2. Stoodell


      Ooo, I guess I really have to prepare properly haha xd I saw that Kancolle Kongou is voicing a certain senior >\\\

  2. I was not bored... I promise! https://youtu.be/McoQy98uXl8

  3. You almost destroyed my notifications bell xd

    1. Xyro


      Your welcome stoodell-pants ^_^

  4. Another profile update~ just gonna have to find some free time and try to be active around here again c:

  5. Going to post more in the introduction thread soon ^-^

  6. Dub: "Yahow!" Sub: "Google~" xD http://hai.5too.in/93nGVo.png

  7. Charlotte Special is out ;o

  8. Changed my cover, sig, and background to Lise from Saijaku no Bahamut~ I don't feel like changing my avatar though, that's a first xd

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    2. Stoodell


      Haha, I like her a bit too due to her personality changing, not like those other grills I see in other harem shows x)

    3. Ryuji


      I loved how naive she was.

    4. Stoodell


      Yeah, that too ;D

  9. Change my cover to GATE's trio, my heart is going to be lost for awhile c;

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