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  1. This will be Bard's final post


    Today, i make this post to announce that i will no longer be an active member of this community.

    Something serious in my personal life has come up and it has caused me to make this post.


    I was saving this post for November 10th but due to an unforeseen event i am going to have to say my farewell early.


    At the beginning of my journey here i was indifferent and tried to treat everyone indifferently, but i soon came to love this community with all of my heart. It pains me to say goodbye but there is nothing else i can do.


    I never hated or disliked anyone on this forums and i consider a lot of them close friends. I will miss you.


    I don't know if i will ever be able to come back as the odds are not in my favor as of this moment. If i never see you again please know that i love every single one of you and the memories i made here will be in my heart until my final moments.


    I guess i should thank you all for accepting me as a part of the community and listening to my rants/hearing me out when i vented.


    I wish i could talk about everything floating around in my head right now but i don't have enough time or space to put it all down.


    Forgive me for the short post, i am trying to hold back tears.


    Thank you so much,



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  2. I'm kind of the tsundere type

    Trust me, i feel for you.


    You know, ill be honest, ive never really confessed to anyone or expressed my feelings to anyone, idk what its like for normal people but all of my relationships just kinda happened. Maybe its because of sexual disconnect or i just havent found someone that i feel that close with. by normal i mean straight people, and dont tell me that normal is a offensive word to use in that place because i could care less if i offend you tbh.

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  3. Ill list some ones that havent been listed yet


    Myself;Yourself (Favorite anime of all time)


    Mashiroiro Symphony; The Color of Lovers


    Kimi ni Todoke


    Itazura na Kiss


    Ore Monogatari (not monogatari series)


    Unlimited Fafnir


    Kotoura-san (innocent romance-esque)


    Chu2koi (love, chuunibyo and other delusions)


    Bokura ga Ita


    Amagami SS


    Ao Haru Ride


    Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou


    Mayo Chiki!


    Oreshura (harem where he picks a girl at the end)


    Sakura Trick (yuri)


    Sukitte Ii na yo


    The Garden of Words/The Garden of Kotonoha(movie)


    Karekano/ His and Her Circumstances


    Akagami no Shirayuki-hime


    Monthly Girls; Nozaki-kun


    Isshuukan Friends


    If: a tale of memories


    Kimi no Iru Machi/A Town Where You Live


    Kimi no wa (movie)


    Zero no Tsukaima


    Welcome to the N.H.K


    Almost all of these the MC has a 1on1 relationship with someone or ends up with one girl at the end.

    Most are true romance tales and is not just thrown in on the side along with main story. the main story is usually centered around the relationship.

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  4. omg your room is so simple... i am really jealous... i have SO MUCH STUFF ;-;

    I just have old lady stuff ;~;


    Did you see the dress i wore today? Might as well just move into a elderly home now. The dress i wore today is the one on my bed. Plus i sleep with quilt-esque blankets, im already 65 at 18

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