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  1. Thanks for the follow SayuriChan! I promise I'll do good in Unotaku!

    1. SayuriChan


      No problem! I'm sure you will 😊

  2. Cool! It's not hard to get a position - if you're able to fill out the form in English with reasonable grammar you basically almost already made it lol So, we're not looking for anyone with experience or so, since we're all still learning ourselves - and I always send an email if someone gets accepted or denied But if we have many applicants for a position (e.g Writer) it might be harder to get the position, since there's only a limited amount of openings
  3. That's so cool, thanks for applying! I will be checking out all your applications asap
  4. That's so awesome! If you're interested in video editing or social media manager, you can apply for one of them (or both) right on our website - just click here - I'm looking forward to welcoming you as a new team member
  5. Ugh, tell me about it - I can feel my first grey hair growing slowly but surely already
  6. I literally have had the opening of the first season stuck in my head all day lol I watched it back then when it first came out and I remember loving it (Makoto was my bae) - I don't know if I'd watch it now because I don't remember anything from the anime (except for the opening and Makoto), but I think you should give it a try if you're into topless guys - and also if you're looking for an anime with not too much story; more of a chill anime
  7. Adventure Time has to be my all-time favorite cartoon (well, except for the ones I watched during my childhood...go Powerpuff Girls!) But other than that I also like Regular Show a lot and I just started watching Gravity Falls, which is also pretty cool
  8. Well, at first I thought "of course water is wet", but then I read all the answers to this thread and know I'm not so sure anymore...
  9. Hi guys! So, I own this website called UNOTAKU, where we share our passion and post a bunch of stuff about anime, manga and all kinds of Japan-related stuff. WHAT ARE OUR GOALS? We're currently trying to expand - we want to start creating YouTube videos, being active on Facebook and Instagram, start an email newsletter for our exclusive fans, and just write some really cool stuff our anime community would love - which is why we're looking for some cool people who want to join us on our journey! WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Anyone who loves sharing their love for anime with
  10. Wow, I was gonna say that I'd go to the future, but your idea is sooo much better! xD
  11. So, another season has come to an end and I'm curious to know which anime most otakus find to be the best this summer! You can vote for your favorite one right here! I personally probably liked Kakegurui the most, but there were other ones that I find to be pretty great as well ^^ I still haven't watched Made in Abyss yet, but I heard so many awesome things about it! Also, let me know why the anime you chose is your favorite one this summer! (The results of the poll will be posted on UNOTAKU at the beginning of October) Thanks for reading! ^^
  12. I think seasonal anime has definitely become way more popular than years ago - I'm not sure why that happened, but I'm not mad about it - I love seasonal anime ^^ I find out about seasonal anime because I have to do research for my blog posts, so I'm basically forced But it's nice, because I might find really awesome anime! I usually watch them on proxer.me or I just Google the newest episode of the anime I don't know if dubs are available during the season, it usually takes a while until they've dubbed an anime Hope this helped!
  13. The last thing I bought was juice - orange juice, to be exact
  14. I would have to go with morning, because that's when I have the most energy - but night time is also pretty close, since that's the time when I'm most creative ^^
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