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  1. " Yesterday was such a fun day , that i couldn't fall asleep because finally reality is better than my dreams " , 

  2. Write a letter to your future or a past self
  3. A lot of my friends use it , and some of them are tictokers , so i watch it a lot with them
  4. Valentines day suppose to be fun ? what do you think ? I like valentine's day a lot since i get a lot of gifts from my friends ,that's always the best part for me , last year , i got bunch of candy and a necklace . It was from my BFF . This is for everyone whos reads this A friend is like a Valentine, Heartwarming, bringing pleasure, Connected to good feelings, With memories to treasure. Seeing a special Valentine Brings happiness to stay, And that is what you do, friend, You brighten every day! I hope you have a WONDERFUL valentines day and ..... about valentines day , whats your favorite part ? ,chocolate? , spending time with your sweetheart? or flowers and love?
  5. its easy , plus i usually dont eat a lot for breakfast , just something fast sometimes ,ill eat chinese porridge
  6. Im watching this show right now , if anyone have watch this show before , how you u think it is ?
  7. happy valentines dayyyyy !!!!! to everyone hehehe
  8. Anime loveer


    A lot of my friends like this show , pretty good....... so maybe try this
  9. missing itazura na kiss tokyo mew mew maid sama comic girls Non non byori Non non byori repeat tamako market tamako love story shugo chara shugo chara doki shugo chara party gakuen alice orange
  10. Anime loveer

    Ao Haru Ride

    wasnt bad , good , but not the best
    • One Right Answer
    • 6 minutes
    • 10 Questions
    • 3 Players
    Just like what its sounds like

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