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  1. So , i came across this and I thought it would be cool , And my nickname here is scary seal even though im not at all scary I wonder what other people's nickname would be ?
  2. artist , im a any kind of genius . and i dont want to be would you rather eat only ketchup for thanksgiving dinner or eat only ketchup for christmas dinner
  3. Im boring watching anime , drawing animation, badminton , and playing my violin :) and also laying on my bed doing nothing while staring at the ceiling
  4. Art !! i rather be an animator would you rather Have a secret language only you know or a secret base only you know where it is ?
  5. animals , that will be cool Know every language on the world or Know every person on this world
  6. Finished " golden time“

    starting : save me lollipop

  7. @cowboy its actually purple , my profile picture is just kaori form your lie in april Lemme guess ..1 ?? 1 . I like cats 2. I like butterflies 3. I like dogs
  8. Welcome to af , i hope you have a good time
  9. Misquitoes are annoying 

  10. Using zoom for online classes is not safe

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      everyone's talking about zoom and I have never used it

    2. IIVIsouljam


      Uh-oh, what happened? 😱 I've only heard about Zoom. 

    3. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      @IIVIsouljam Because people said that It was hacked by hackers and they stole like a whole school of kidz personal info

      @Illusion of Terra A lot of teachers are using this to do online classes but i don't trust this , so i haven't used it before either

  11. Glue spring ride Love hive : school idol project

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