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  1. Anime loveer
    I was bored so i just drew a picture or two , so here i am , sharing them 
    My first on is this 2020 picture ..
    and heres the second one : a picture of a cute nurse girl

    stay safe everyone , plus i'd like to hear your opinions of these pictures , thank you
  2. Anime loveer
    Lies people tell them self all time .. like me , i do it too 
     ( trying to wake up in the morning ) " Just one more minute "  ( Watching tv )  One more episode  ( reading a book ) just one more page ( eating chocolate ) One more bite  haha , Maybe we lie to ourself more then we think we do , cause i really never considered it as lieing before 
  3. Anime loveer
    I think everyone by now had heard of the virus . Staying at home is pretty boring , all i can pretty much do is , be on my computer , watching anime or youtube , reading or drawing . All of times are like eating , sleeping or doing work . It canceled a lot of things , like a trip that was supposed to be today for me . Just saying , everyone , Stay safe , and find something to do ,and very importantly . DON"t be with people who are sick !!
  4. Anime loveer
    For a assignment , i have to make a speech , a ted talk speech., and it is annoying. I usaully hate speaking in front of a lot of people even if it was just 30 people . It has to be about something you want to fix , a problem you want to fix . Just saying . Right now , i have no problems , no problems i want to fix , unless its problems like " i dont have enough money probelms " or " i want a new car " .... stupid problems.So i decide to do " how does social media affect us " in the negative way . How do you think social media is ..? negative or positive ?
  5. Anime loveer
    so ... when i was in middle school , i had an assignment where we have to write a letter to our future self or past self , i'm reading it right now and its kinda weird to me , and i'm just going to share it ... Readint it after 5 years
  6. Anime loveer
    well if you're reading this 
    imma tell you a story of my life about my friends when i was in middle school
    I have a lot of friends , i can list my friends in each year and it changes a lot
    In 6th grade my friends were , Morgan ,kennedy , Jael, Jennifer,  Eshal , Alexandra  and Queen
    But it's not like that seventh grade ... Jael got homeschooled so left us, Jennifer got put in another class and stopped interacting with us , and i made a lot of new friends too such as , Summayya, Dijla ,Kaniz,Rewale and Khadijah . They were precious to me and so , i hang out with them
    Now for eighth grade my friends were about the same but My Bff morgan and kennedy moved ....... i missed them a lot but we stayed in contract ,and i also made new friends ,Sena , Shena, Allison , Anneh , and Malaika. They're good friend of mine , plus i met most of them because we all went to orchestra. Also just saying , tell your friends you're grateful for them now cause they might be gone next minute and you're regret it , that's why i don't want to lose any of my friends. Also because of my friends they got me to likke anime and drawing just lie me . They encourage me and tell me positive words, so i'll do more for them too
  7. Anime loveer
    Drawing can be so hard ... but its really really fun. practice makes perfect , so one day ,someone will compliments your drawings , and that makes me feel good , to have someone compliment you , for you to see your own amazing drawings , you can make a story out of everything you draw .... everything , that's why i love drawing so much . 
    Sorry if some of the pictures are sideways..

  8. Anime loveer
    Valentines day suppose to be fun ? 
    what do you think ? I like valentine's day a lot since i get a lot of gifts from my friends ,that's always the best part for me , last year , i got bunch of candy and a necklace . It was from my BFF . This is for everyone whos reads this
     A friend is like a Valentine,
     Heartwarming, bringing pleasure,
    Connected to good feelings,
    With memories to treasure.

    Seeing a special Valentine
    Brings happiness to stay,
    And that is what you do, friend,
    You brighten every day!
    I hope you have a WONDERFUL valentines day and ..... about valentines day , whats your favorite part ? ,chocolate? , spending time with your sweetheart? or flowers and love?
  9. Anime loveer
    Well so I had a lot of drawing contests with my friends when i was little , i would always win , so now some of my friends wouldn't do drawing contests with me because i would always win . None of my friends who challenged me before always lose, but it also depends on whos the judge , because my brother's a horrible judge . He would always choose the person HE likes more than which picture he likes more, This guy who has never seen my drawings challenged me one day. We decide to draw pikachu and send our drawings to each other and the judges. We were not suppose to tell the judge who drew what . THe judges were two friends from my side, morgan and kennedy and two cousins from his side , venus and patricia,they don't know who drew which . The person i was drawing against , Aaron was very confident in himself but in the end i won .I got 3 votes , from venus , morgan and kennedy and he had 1 from patricia. but then he ended up challenging me again saying he will win this time and the loser this time had to give the winner 5 $ . Of course i won
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