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  1. Right now , all schools in Maryland are shut down until March 27 . Been shut down for 2 weeks , its not so bad here , but still no one goes out shopping or anything , and makes it hard for shop owners and stuff , and same for my dad too , he owns a carry out but rn he doesn't get a lot of people to come anymore

  2. Thanks , i did the speech today , it wasn't so bad . But i think my was kinda bad comparing to some of the other student's speech in my class , one group's speech was so funny , they acted out a skit to represent their speech and they edited the video and everything , it was really good and funny :) 

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  3. 9 minutes ago, Nyxnine said:

    @Anime loveer I loved the book thief. I haven't read the others though. I'll have to check them out. 

    TBH, I haven't been reading a lot of manga...I started reading a lot of Webtoons though. 

    I use to watch webtoons , i have that app , but i don't use it anymore . But its good 

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    5 minutes ago, Nyxnine said:

    Awe, I like this inspiring message to yourself. Do you feel like you've stayed true to yourself and your younger self's goals? 

    Are you in HS or College? I have these messages to myself - however they are definitely not as thorough as yours :)



  5. 17 minutes ago, Nyxnine said:

    These all look amazing. PLEASE PLEASE keep working at it. Everyone starts somewhere and has the ability to improve our find their own style. 

    I can tell you've been putting a lot of focus on understanding dimensions in face proportions, hair and are working at finding your style when drawing eyes. 

    Keep at it and you'll find it will pay off in the long run ^^

    Thank you very much 🥰🥰🥰

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