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  1. Hello , welcome to Forums , I like drawing anime too , hope to see more of you drawings , they are really good
  2. I feel really depressed for some reason

    1. XII360


      i bet you watched a happy anime, and thought you couldn't have such happiness aswell

      couse this is me everyday

      wadap mai gai

      edit; on second thought, ill just write it as "what up my guy", no matter how i read what i first wrote, i read it as "what up my gay >.>

    2. Ohayotaku


      It’s a little thing called 2020 :P 

  3. First , i would like to say that Yuki and Machi was really cute together , im starting to ship them more and more . Yuki had changed very much from the beginning of the show , and i find that really great. Something I just CAN NOT not talk about is Akito ! HOW could Akito do this , after Yuki just told him that he forgives her. Though i do realize that Akito's expression changed for that one second when she said " whats that in your eyes " Theres no way that she wouldn't do anything after hearing that . In this episode , in the end , Momiji gave a DVD of Cinderella-ish play to Kure
  4. Hello , welcome to AF , hope you have a good time . ( I like K-on tooooo ) Itss soo cutee
  5. It's raining outside , and i wonder it as anything to do with my bad wifi connection today ? :) 

    1. efaardvark


      Rain should not affect your wifi but if your neighborhood's wiring is anything like ours then the rain might be affecting the wired parts of your connection to the 'net.  Every time there's wind or rain our connection gets bad.

      I wish it would rain here.  Kind of overcasty-looking right now but it is all smoke.  Some rain would put out the fires and clean the air.  At least the smoke also blocks some of the sun and got the temperatures down into double-digits again.  This weekend it got up to 118F /48C on our patio!


    2. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      I was frustrated at both the rain and my computer :) 

  6. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/NekoOnnanoko?status=2 Updated
  7. It's easy , just post some picture of whatever anime when you're bored ... i guess that gives you something to do... anything's fine .
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  8. Welcome to Forums , I've never watched Death note before , I don't know if i ever will , but Hope you have a good time here.
  9. I really loved and enjoyed the play , I somehow already guess that the play will turn out ike this :) .
  10. Hello , been a long time :) 

  11. This episode was great , The cinderella part was really funny , Its funny tring to see Tohru trying to be evil . Yuki..... What he admit about Tohru is beautiful.
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