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  1. im bored so im doing this 


  2. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/judychen-4321
  3. Anime loveer

    vote :

    Which anime is better ? - Angel beats - Maid sama - Cardcaptor sakura
  4. email me :P Chenjudy1003@gmail.com :P


  5. really ? wow- i ship misaki and usui from kaichou wa maid sama
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    Try tur very best "The world isn't perfect. ...
  6. first anime show you've watched - reply back
  7. Another good anime - comic girls :D


    They are high school girls who, when not doing their usual studies, work on their manga projects. Our protagonists are Kaoruko 'Kaos' Moeta who is struggling to come up with ideas for her manga; shoujo artist Koyume Koizuka; Ruki Irokawa, who draws erotic manga; Tsubasa Katsuki, who writes popular shounen manga.


  8. Tell us about your favorite anime ships!
  9. If you like magical girl manga shugo chara cardcaptor sakura sailor moon tokyo mew mew If you like romance domestic girlfriend itazura na kiss JUst other anime i like maid sama wolf girl and dark prince i like shoujo manga - any recommendations???
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