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  1. Anime loveer


    I really like this anime , it has a good story and good characters
  2. Yuki Yuna is a zero Yamada kun and the seven pitchs
  3. Thinking of watching inuyasha

    1. EvaUnit69


      I just went on an inuyasha binge, it was absolutely worth it.

  4. Some anime ive been wacthing : Koi to producer evol X love , Fruits basket 2nd season , Lapis relights , rewatching Kanon ., Inuyasha
  5. Welcome to the forums , I have been a while since ive been on the forums, but I really like it so i hope you do too.
  6. Its been a long time

    :) Kiniro Mosaic | Cute anime character, Anime neko, Anime

    Voice your stuff as an anime girl by Naesyn

  7. Sorry for the late respond , but thank you !!
  8. Lets see no game no life didnt i say to be average in my next life
  9. Went outside for a few minutes yesterday , it was pretty but far away from where i live , glad i could still see it tho
  10. My first digital art


  11. Welcome to forums ! Hope you enjoy it ps , i like cats too
  12. I dont't personally have a favorite ones , but i do sometime thinks that one character should have another voice actor or one voice that pisses me everytime i hear them talk .
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