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  1. Welacome to af , hope you have a good time
  2. I like sad animes, Just i Don't really like the fact when it ends in a sad ending , and then it makes me cry . When was the last time you cried over an anime , and what anime show is it ? I cried over " the world in colors " It was really sad!
  3. Im watching a world in colors, i like it very much , I finished " didn't i say to make my abilities average in the next life " ," Darwin's game " and " Anne happy " about a week ago
  4. The latest episode of Fruits basket is so sad :( Feel so bad for kyo .

  5. Now that we know more of Kyo's past , I feel even badder for him , actually for everyone that Akito has bullied . But im more suprised at how Kyo stood up to her and defended himself . I hated how Akito called both of them a monster , and i don't believe the part where she said Kyo killed his own mom .
  6. I knew Lino would be mad , Ishigami was just funny , video games , chips and snacks
  7. Frank sinatra - would you rather die in a car crash or in an airplane crash
  8. Drawings , Im better at drawing . ( i guess anime characters would come to life ?)
  9. Peanut butter and nutella sandwich . Strange , but it taste good . Plus i also had milk.
  10. The number you have dialed is not available at this time , Please try again later.

  11. I doubt that she will leave her alone . If i was tohru maybe i would call the police ? Geez , i wonder what polices are for
  12. Watching darwin's game

  13. The opening to domestic girlfriend is awesome
  14. Ouch ! Next is a pack of tissues . Guess that wouldn't hurt
  15. I felt like watching this :P really funny



  16. You know , i just saw a animal that looks like a salamander tho im not sure if it s

  17. Akito Hurted a lot of people , I dont know what her problem is , She just hurts people for nothing and laughs like it was a big joke .
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