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  1. Im hungry now , but i dont want to eat

    1. Geano


      Gotta fast sometimes it has a lot of benefits.

  2. Nice to meet you Giri , Hope you have a good time , and yes . one of my first aime was also Doraemon
  3. For some reason I dont like that miko Lino
  4. its hot outside !!!!!! 

    1. OtakuKid
    2. Geano


      Honestly I really love the warm weather. 

    3. OtakuKid


      Same, but the snow gives me an excuse to stay inside and watch anime!

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    This was Ok , It was funny . and I like the overall story of this anime
  5. Im going to watch : Kaguya sama : love is war

  6. What anime should i watch next ?

    1. Ohayotaku


      You might enjoy Ascendence of a Bookworm. Season 2 is ongoing, but season 1 is complete.

  7. This would be useful when i change my username
  8. maybe something like : friendship or love ? 1. Important Friendships 2. Love ! 3. Precious Memories $. Don't play around with me
  9. I have no ideas right now .. so I'll take a while to think
  10. I like this song - Enchanted - owl city
  11. Im watching Hanayamata

  12. welcome to animeforums. Hope you enjoy it here
  13. gonna watch the movie " koe no katachi "

    1. Geano


      Hope you enjoy it

  14. I totally would want a season 4 , since its such a good anime
    I loved this anime , both 1st and 2nd season !! Really good
  15. Tamako love story was soo cute !!

  16. Does anyone know how to solve all 6 sides on a rubiks cube 

    1. Shiroe


      You solve it layer by layer, (3 in total) rather than by 6 sides. People usually start with solving the white cross by getting edge pieces, then go on to solve the corners.  After that, you solve the second and third layers, which have their own methods.

      Of course, that's just the beginners method. There's other methods like CFOP and Roux, but I never bothered to learn them.

    2. efaardvark


      I used to.  Got a book (this was before google) and practised the transforms until I could do it all on my own.  Turns out to be one of those life skills that isn't worth remembering however, and I've long since recycled those brain cells for other purposes.  :D

    3. Geano


      I have solved one twice before. The trick is really one of problem solving more then anything. Just gotta play with it till it fits. Take note of errors, and what works then you'll see a pattern. 

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  17. Theres a lot , so I can't really say all of them becuase i mostly like romantic shows
  18. Its a little slow and sometimes it just black out on its own , so can't see anything on the screen , but i can still hear the sounds . For example : like when im watching a video , the screen blacks out tho i an still hear the video .
  19. My computers acting weird 

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