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  1. I personally like yanderes as well. You see, my personality is usually more submissive, therefore the dominance is needed to provide me with stability. The relationship between Yuno and Yukki is far beyond perfect, in my opinion. Although she is a bit extreme in her ways, her love for Yukki is genuine, and she'd do anything, literally, to keep anyone or anything from taking him from her. Unfortunately I know very few yandere typed girls IRL, so I'm committing myself with a waifu: Most possibly Yuno. I was up til 2 am last night and I've watched over half of Mirai Nikki. She scared the hell out
  2. Kunichiwa! I started watching anime about 2 years ago, and I've loved it ever since. My friend recommended Sword Art Online, and I've watched a lot of the action/romantic types of anime. I also got into lots of horror/pshycological thrillers such as Another, Mirai Nikki. Usually my time of activity is around night haha, I'm a night owl you could say. Oh and a little about me! I loveee coffee, nature, and I'm a world traveler. I've been to Uganda, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, Italy, and this Summer I'm going to Costa Rica for a missions trip! Oh, and I have yet to select my waifu haha. And what i
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