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  1. Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful time!!! ^^

  2. I play Remus in this! Quite happy with how the production went, Malice was amazing to work with ^^ (Although I definately need to improve my acting, lol)



    1. Ohayotaku


      Remus... so the green dude? (sorry, not really familiar with Among Us)

    2. Xyro


      Yep ^^ He was super fun to voice!

  3. two notes!

    1: Voice acting is going well! Feel free to check out my CCC account if you are curious or need a VA for something

    2: If you would like to commission me for anything (Be it voice acting, or the occasional pixel sprite here and there) then go check out my Ko-Fi or message me on social media (my links are on the Ko-Fi page :D)

    It's been a great time for my work-a-holic brain XD I'm  just genuinely happy to be steadily making work, so I wanted to share it with y'all :3

    Hope everyone is still being awesome, you glorious people, you!!!

  4. Whelp, signed on for my first two auditions today! 

    Honestly, it was a blast to do, but I do still have a lot of room for improvement. moreover, I need to stray a bit further away from old announcer voices, lol.

    if you wanted to check some of them out, you can on my profile here: https://www.castingcall.club/m/XyroDonatus

    or I added the files on here too :3 



    1. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      Best of luck! I know I'm a bit late, but I hope they went well!

    2. Xyro


      Thank you BD :D

      Thus-far everything's going nicely! Curently doing a dub of Doki-Doki Liturature club, which has been pretty fun, but all in all I'm still auditioning for things and getting better overall at making sure my own audio is good :D

      (the doki doki club dub stuff can be found here if anyone wanted to listen to it :D The first episode is not the quality of the whole thing, as Kat accidentally recorded it with her own volume and screen out of whack due to faulty OBS settings. But its good fun nonetheless!)


  5. Whelp, this week already has been a pretty good tester into weather or not I actually want to go forward with trying to do VA work...

    I literally adore the field. I cant help myself but wake up excited to write skits and start voicing them. And can I just say, I have had so many issues; I found listening to myself back to be a little cringe, I've struggled to find voices to fit characters, I've been unable to act out certain moods, as well as yell lines that I need to. The editing is weird and I don't quite understand exactly what I'm looking for sometimes, or why something sounds off. I need to work on my pacing, as well as my management of my surroundings. and above all else, I just need to keep practising.

    Which is why I'm going to keep on at it :3

    Although its only been 5 days, I've already learned about the best ways to show off work, and the do's and don'ts. And I've fudged up a bunch, which means I now have a frame of reference on what to do and how to handle myself.

    And honestly, that's the best part of it all!

    I'm just really excited for the future, and definitely want to do more.

    Still, hope everyone doing ok, and if there are any VA's out there, please feel free to drop some advise! I would truly appreciate it, as I love your trade!

    ~Your benevolent cinnamon roll,


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    2. Xyro


      Thank you Omega :3 I'll do my best!!!!

    3. User 781

      User 781

      I'm glad you found something you love!! You're so talented so I'm certain you'll excel with practice and patience. Just remember your voice is a muscle, you have to train it like any other. :)

    4. Xyro


      Thank you Wedgy :3 I'll make sure to talk like a tornado and annoy everyone and everything 😜 

      ...Which is what I do anyway, without the voice acting thing, lol

  6. I'ma start working on some things... especially getting the badges re-designed (Some I find a bit silly compared to the rest of the ones... So expect a few re-designs soon-ish-maybe ;P)


  7. Big fluffy duckling leviathan (the baby variant of a duck leviathan, who I'll try to draw soon. These are one of my MMaM species that I wanted to draw for practice :3)


  8. ...this was my first time using a drawing tablet instead of mouse...


    ....It was meant to be a feild of flowers....

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    2. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      Congrats on getting to use a tablet! I would so love to have a styllis (is that spelled right?) Using a mouse is god-awful XD Just doesn't feel natural, even after all these years.

      So creepy, I love it!


  9. Do you ever question weather or not a hot-dog is just a bread taco?






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    2. User 781

      User 781

      They really don't enforce proper food handling guidelines in most junk food joints. It's the top reason besides trying to be somewhat healthy that I avoid them. Employees rarely wash their hands as much as they should, change their gloves, or even adequately cover their hair. Gloves are often wiped on aprons rather than changed--aprons I've also seen taken with them to the toilet or outside for a smoke or garbage haul. Their equipment is used and reused and seldom cleaned or sanitised. Food containers are frequently stored in areas rife with dust (see: human skin) and the kitchens can often be so hot and with such high activity that there are some employees who sweat more than usual, which can also become surprise ingredients in your lunch. 

      Burger patties, chicken breasts, nuggets you name it-- they all sit in holding cabinets and time out only to be retimed by an employee who doesn't feel like cooking a new batch. Food which may not have been temped in the first place, let alone with a clean thermometer. Food which is cooked in or on appliances which likely aren't cleaned daily, with their grease traps running over. Food stored in walk-in coolers which haven't been cleaned in 5 years and have mold spots on the ceiling and under the shelving. 

      Its just a good idea in general to be in charge of your own food as much as possible. 

    3. User 781

      User 781

      @Ohiotaku reminds me of this notorious video.. https://youtu.be/2ao-fSNQaSA (NSFW also language) 

    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      @Wedgy rarely agreed to something that much 😂 

  11. Whelp, gonna be buisy-buisy over the next few months, got a lot of life to re-organise and a load of goals to strive for, but I'm going to do them all, achieve them all, then come back to tell the tale 😜

    Will still be around though, so if anyone needs me, just give me a shout! ^^

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      'life' 'goals'
      that's no way to talk for an otaku 😂

    2. User 781

      User 781

      Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! 

  12. Sorry for the lack of... Well, anything really xD been super buisy what with uni work and other stuff.

    Anywho, I'm going to likely be doing some more pixel art soon to post, but today I'll probably be buisy with birthday stuffs, so ya can expect to see (maybe) more from me again some time soon! (I hope. I miss posting ;-;)

  13. slightly back!

    Head still hurts, but can now leave bed! yay! XD 


  14. Ahh, Friday the 13th.... 

    would be scarier if it wasn't for the fact that my birthday falls on friday the 13th of october, sometimes! (Albeit, not this year though, since its the 13th of October, which is Sunday ;-;)


  15. Hey all, going to be dipping for a little bit, since I have a butt-load of work, uni coming up and head cold from hell.

    Will still be around, just not going to be very active. Sorry ;-;

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    2. Seshi


      I’m sorry you’re not feeling well T.T plz get well soon and come make us smile at all your artwork again 😊

    3. Mazino


      Take your time pal and get well soon.

    4. Beocat


      We'll be sick together. Get some sleep and recharge some.

  16. Been trying to experiment more with simple little stories made up on the fly. They aren't particularly good, but giving myself a random set of factors to work with has at least been good warm up for day-to-day writing.

    Still, if anyone ever is interesting in checking them out, they are in my blog on here 

    Link to those like myself who prefer the easy transgression 😜



    “Sometimes, you don't realise that you're drowning,

    Once you’ve become everybody else's anchor.

    Even those who tell you to be yourself, will judge you for your insecurities.

    Your "weakness" was never your downfall… it was your blind affection.”

                                                                                                                            ~Lewis Sterge, MMaM~

    1. Xyro


      Can't wait to write more from Lewis' perspective into the world. One of my favourite characters as a whole :3

  18. Spent half of today chasing a wolf spider around my room, trying to capture the poor blighter to let it out. Judging from sheer size alone, it's definitely a lady. And she is one heck of a large lady, that's for sure.

    Not got a phobia of spiders or anything, just hate waking up to a spider, around half the size of my face, SITTING ON MY FACE!

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    2. Nova


      I rather have a army of ghost potato 😂

    3. Ohayotaku


      The only spiders I feel any fondness forspacer.png


    4. Xyro
  19. :3 I have spent a bit of time today refining my shading for pixel-art stuffs

    Other then that, as crazy as ever, isn't that right me? *Nods in response*

    Darkness falls.gif

    1. Seshi
    2. Vitis


      Have you considered using a dither style shading? You'll be able to get a much more seamless type gradient that way and it'll still be pixelated for that type of aesthetic.

    3. Nova


      I see blood yum 👻

  20. Feeling pretty miffed today, was caught in a balls-up with a legless wazzock who was being a little gobby about being minted, but it all just came out as tosh. Nothing more came of it, but it left me with the collywobbles...

    ....Sorry, I get stereotypical British when flustered ;-;

  21. *Poomfs on Beanbag*


    my brain is confuzzled. Really trying to think of what to write about in the Archive, since I wanna make another lesson but can't think of a decent topic... What with story writing and all, I feel brain-melted...

    Anyone got any ideas? or anything the want to learn about in narrative? anything at all? ;-;

    1. Mazino


      I would be interested in how to create a story for a game character.

      Like Noctis from Final Fantasy or Sora from Kingdom Hearts. 


    2. Xyro


      That's something I would be happy to get into actually, since We've been covering game characters at uni.

      ATM I'm writing up on the creation and development of mute/silent characters, but afterward I'll jump straight to game characters!

      Cheers Nico!!! :D

    3. Nova


      This reminds of me some mute/silent char i seen but they where not from anime though 👻

  22. When you get a day where you think to yourself that you always wanted to be somebody, but you realise now that you have to be a little more specific. ;)

    1. Nova


      The potato spud you mean😂

  23. *throws bread* MUCO!

    How have you been, buddy? :D

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    2. Xyro


      *munches on the last bits of bread* always motivated. And glad to be back!

      Good old times, eyy? :D

    3. Mazino


      Old but gold times.

      Well you better say one or two words the next time you disappear again. 🕵️‍♂️

      *swallows the last piece of bread and says Itadakimasu*

    4. Xyro



      If I do need to go next time, I'll keep ya updated, although I think I will be here for the foreseeable future at least 😜

  24. Xyro

    Long time no speak Metro! 

    How are things holding up, buddy? :D

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    2. Xyro


      Thank you - thank you! :D

      so what have you been up to on your end? Up to anything new?

    3. Metro


      Nothing much has changed for me!, Sports, relationships, school all that jazz 😂

      How about you? Still writing? 

    4. Xyro


      glad to see ya keeping up with life though bud! keep up the good work :D

      Things have been pretty good on my end. Still writing, got a bunch of other stories on the line and the first book of MMaM nearly ready to get published, at uni and now trying to focus on learning new things.

      so all in all happy wit the last year or so of work! :D

  25. Lol, I forgot that I still had my good old Chihiro Emote!

    Good times! ^w^


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