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  1. I will be perfectly honest when I say I am a person who loves then idea of romance, but that doesn't really keen I have found anyone I truly "love". I mean, there is a girl I do love, but more in the friendly kind of way. She's allot similar to me, and she's a little hyper. ( for example, when I was at comic on she was dressed as tracer from overwatch, and I didn't notice her until she jumped on my back and hugged me ) Still, I hope I do find somone I love deeply and that the person feels the same way too (you won't believe how hard typing that without going mega red was )
  2. Its simple really. What are your best ways of telling someone they are special to you. This can be from the close friends kind of love to the romantic relationship type. Just list your favourites! Also, if you have any story's about love, then please feel free to share. Although cutesy stuff is kind of putt down by people, I really enjoy swing people who are super happy together ^w^
  3. happy birthday shax ^w^

  4. happy birthday ^w^

  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fzQ6gRAEoy0

  6. hey yall, coming back with some music that i hope you will enjoy! Please welcome, October child to the front stage! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xJj_o65W84 what's that, you liked/ disliked the song? here's one that touches me personally http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQRqyaRNTxM
  7. the first time I have ever heard of a tsundere Grandma
  8. from the makers of robocop, bard plays the lead rolle in: Lolicop, protector of the flat justice
  9. so, are you, or are you not the Loli lord?!?!?!
  10. I think thats the new chant now. "Praise the Sun! (and bard, not that she cares, baka!)"
  11. Real question! Is bard secretly a loli? or, more specifically..... a Loli God ??!?!?!?!!?
  12. *whispers* bard does. sorry to break it to you like this.
  13. because, she is our lord and saviour, and the queen of tsundere. praise the sun! (and bard, not that she cares, baka)
  14. welcome to Af Kimizuki ^w^
  15. but i own davis, so i own you. but Bard owns all of us, so it doesn't matter. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!!!
  16. So do you take me for walks and feed me and give me water and make sure to take me to the vet :3
  17. So bunny owns Davis, I own bunny and you own me. Seems fair
  18. So, if you own me, then you own bunny as well??
  19. When did bunny belong to me, and I belong to you????
  20. well, your really not going to like having to draw atsuko with different hair shapes and colors, arent you seriously though, Atsuko changes her hair color allot after the earth story. Miu always remains with black hair though, so yay ^w^
  21. Welcome to AF Miu Will Atsuko be joining soon???
  22. Welcome to AF ^w^ We hope you have a great time here! (Ignore tsuntsun, optic and ryuji are fine...... Mostly and this "bard" hasent been on in a while. I think she was replaced by a bigger tsundere)
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