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  1. So do you take me for walks and feed me and give me water and make sure to take me to the vet :3
  2. So bunny owns Davis, I own bunny and you own me. Seems fair
  3. So, if you own me, then you own bunny as well??
  4. When did bunny belong to me, and I belong to you????
  5. well, your really not going to like having to draw atsuko with different hair shapes and colors, arent you seriously though, Atsuko changes her hair color allot after the earth story. Miu always remains with black hair though, so yay ^w^
  6. Welcome to AF Miu Will Atsuko be joining soon???
  7. Welcome to AF ^w^ We hope you have a great time here! (Ignore tsuntsun, optic and ryuji are fine...... Mostly and this "bard" hasent been on in a while. I think she was replaced by a bigger tsundere)
  8. Xyro

    *tacklehug* ^w^

    1. Frost


      Hey Lil bro. *hugs tight*

  9. Does it have to be anime characters? Because I would love to involve jack sparrow as the brains
  10. Xyro


    Welcome to AF Neko I hope you enjoy it here
  11. to be honest, I hated SAO, but i have never seen log horizon. but i will have to pick log, just because its not SAO (fyi, i have a deep hatred for SAO, so don't take this literally. Concept was good, actual anime was bad. just my opinion)
  12. Welcome to AF daisy ^w^ I hope you enjoy it here. (FYI: DNAGANRONPA FTW!!!!!!!!)
  13. Your an amazingly talented artist, and the fluffiest bunny I know ^w^
  14. I think we should wait for others otherwise we may start a compliment war rather then a genuine compliment (FYI, your nicer. I have allot of ups and downs )
  15. *boops you on the nose* ^w^

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    2. Xyro


      Its basicly tapping you on the nose XD. *boop*

    3. ChibiChan12


      Oh, that's about what I thought. XD *boops back*

    4. Xyro


      *double hoop*

  16. you have only joined a few days ago, and you have already adapted to the forum effortlessly. on top of that, you have posted allot since your arrival, which shows dedication. you are one dedicated guy SAO LILDOOP. I'm sure your bound to do great things ^w^
  17. welcome to AF ^w^ I hope you enjoy it here as much as i do. its like home
  18. watch danganronpa and tell me its not saddening especially the 3rd one. it will either miss you completely or hit you hard (im biased to it since the whole dangan series is my favourite, but i would suggest it either way)
  19. Welcome to AF Purple Baroness ^w^ I hope you enjoy your stay
  20. I know I just said it, but welcome to AF chibi! I hope you enjoy it here
  21. Xyro


    what people have to remember when discussing the topic of smoking is that alcohol is also another form of toxin, especially if your young. but mainly smoking, i actually can't stand smokers. i hate the smell, the idea of smoking and simply watching someone smoke. one of my hobbies is to cough really loudly when i walk past someone smoking its fun to me to watch their reactions
  22. well, it will be a long two days, but it will be worth it ^w^ Have a great one everybody! see you all on the other side
  23. Xyro

    Ocean thread

    You know, the ocean is one of the most vast things you will ever experience. However, the next time you go on open waters, picture this: what do you see? The day is coming to a close, and the sky lights up in a bright shade of orange, as if the Sky has been ignited. The gentle lapping of the waves sarounds your boat with constant crystal blue waves. And yet the space around you seems vast and empty. There are no islands. Just a vast sheet of crystal blue. Yet, this emptiness is so much like life. Although things may seem safe and gentle, they will remain that way if you never break through the surface. Remember, underneath the tide is a much, much deaper realm for you to discover and learn from. The initial dive may be hard, and you may have to resurface after meer moments, but the more you try, the more progress you will make and the more you will learn and love. So, imagine resurfacing after a lifetime of diving every location on the ocean you can see. Returning to your boat, there is one last thing you can see. The horizon. That thin line not only represents the lip at which the sun sets, it also shows us that life is a never ending place to learn and discover. As soon as you cross the horizon, you are once again in a similar patch of ocean, with the same safe Aires above, but a whole new realm of learning, discovery and fun to be found below.
  24. Currently, I'm tied between Atsuko and Hikari ^w^
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