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  1. So, I have been working on a concept for a long time now, which follows the storyline of 3 young adventurers, who are living on a large planet which is being consumed by a warlord. One of the woriors is a boy, brawn, and muscular in feature. The other is a young girl, who is elegant in form and posture. And the last, is a peasent boy, raised on a farm, but eager to help. Now, all 3 are friends, and want to slay the warlord. However, they are horrible at fighting, and have no skill in combat. However, xyro, who happens to be passing at the time, stops on the planet to find out about the commotion (e.g: the fact that the sky is pitch black, and shrouded in charcoal clouds) Meeting up with the crew and hearing their story's, xyro helps train the rookies up to hero status. Now, it goes against his rule of engaging with planets, but xyro agrees to help the wortiors, since he grows attached to them as friends, and wishes to bring them back to A.I headquarters to make them members. So, with the group together, they storm the valley of rifts ( which as you can imagine, is like the grand canyon, only full of gigantuin stalagmites) After facing hoards of the warlocks minions, the group finally find the vilan himself. Only, the vilan is actually a very notorious enemy of xyro's, who xyro actually let go with the promise that if he let the warlock go, the warlock was never allowed to destroy earth or any planet allied to AI headquarters. With the promise in place, xyro unfortunately has to watch helplessly as his team fight, and fall to the hands of the warlock. However, the warlock turns, and goes against the agreement by attacking xyro, opening parts of his body and leaving him bleeding on his knees. As this happens, the sky opens, letting rain fall, as the vilan slowly walks away. The camera slowly pans over the 3 dead corpses of his allies, as xyro starts to say: "Is it enough, that I'm broke, again" As the word leave his moth, he places one foot back on the ground, which separates the earth beneath it, cracking the very crust of the earth. "You will never know how much it hurts. You will never know how much lives could ever be worth. You will never know." Raising to his feat with eyes blazing bright white, his xenomorph blades kick in, and he stares menacingly at him. " but don't worry. I don't care anymore" At this point, Xyro breaks all his rules entirely. Out of rage, anger and hatred, he uses his rage as power, toying with the warlock as he beats him black and blue, before destroying the planet by separating it with a single slice from the xenomorph claws ( again, the xenomorphic stuff I will need to explain at a later date.) The story ends with xyro flying away from the now destroyed planet, with 3 coffins in the back of the ship. The last scene is just of the separated planet in his ships windscreen, and a blank, dead stare in xyro's face, as the ship slowly flies away through space.
  2. I have played enough skyrim to beat you all by shouting T_T
  3. Hey! Its not my fault I can't uplode images using a URL! T_T Besides, I would scar the webpage for life
  4. I would if I could. Unfortunately, I have no way of uploading an image of me onto here Thing is, I can never look good in a photo though, so its kind of a blessing that I can't uplode it
  5. Because..... That's all I'm saying
  6. (FYI Kirry, I'm not playing the game otherwise you will all know too much )
  7. And for all of you saying that a gift card shows effort in a gift, no it doesn't! To me, it kind of shows you that the person who got you a GIFT CARD put no effort in at all Who buys someone a gift card!?!?!?!?! Its just a really really dumb invention Great, I found my 3rd hated item
  8. Here is my take on a gift card. Imagine walking into a store, and showing the person at the counter a 20 pound note. " yes, I'm looking for a gift for someone quickly, so I would like to exchange this currency, which I could use anywhere else, for a card that van only be used in this specific store, which also has a time limit on it." Gift cards are such a dumb idea. Just give someone the actual money
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMkJDPvJxdk&index=120&list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4

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  10. My point here is not that good people are frauds The point here is that it's a mater of opinion on how society views and judges people. As someone who litterely loves everyone and everything, I can understand why I'm a social outcast at times ^w^ People seem to mistake happy go lucky with insane Honestly, there are too many miserable people around. If they had a hug and a cookie, they would be fine
  11. Now, those who know me well, and some people who don't, always seem to comment on me being a "good person" or at the very least, a nice young man. This post is in no way negative, but I would like to openly admit, that I'm not a good person. I mean, I always try my hardest to make everyone around me happy, I always make sure I try to be well mannered, and never rude towards others, I always give up things for others, I am probably the most happy go lucky person I know, And in all fairness, that's what makes me such a bad person ... Trying my hardest to make everyone happy means that I have to throw away my own opinions and ideas to comfort everyone, even if it goes against my core. Being well mannered and polite always ends up with me being trode over since that's how society works. Giving up personal possessions means that people easily take advantage of me. And lastly, being happy go lucky means many things. It means that everyone else around me feels down because they try and compare their emotions to me. It means that I'm socially threatening since I'm classified as weird, as I talk to myself and great people randomly. There are many more faults, but I will save you the list ... There are many, many things, that justify me as being a bad person. And I like it. Being a good person means you have to lie, you have to cheat, you have to fake your emotion, and you have to stand by the side of a larger figure to express your hive mind thoughts. I'm just proud that i can say I'm bad, and socially unacceptable ^w^
  12. *missing* one Ryuji, optic and Davis. if you have seen any of these three, please return them to their home at AF. thank you.

    1. Metro


      we are now missing an evil bunny D:

    2. Davis


      im kinda here...

    3. Ryuji


      I just saw this xP Glad to know I was missed while on hiatus xP

  13. Xyro

    Hey big sis ^w^

  14. welcome to AF ^w^ we hope you enjoy it here. be sure to take anything you want from the chat room fridge, unless its my personal stuff ^_<
  15. Xyro

    hey Optic, just checking up on you ^w^ I haven't seen you in a while, so I hope everything is ok on your end.

    1. Optic


      Hello @[1092:Xyro Donatus] , thank you for your concern. :) I've recently returned and am now working on AF actively again. Have sent an update in the PM about the project.

  16. welcome to AF rem... I mean... Never mind XD

  17. new website, new beginning ^w^

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      http://projectforxyro.wixsite.com/me-myself-and-me Yep ^w^

    3. Davis


      you are gonna have too many chapters soon ...

    4. Xyro


      DW, I have a plan :D as soon as the whole earth story is finished, it will all be segmented under one section with each individual chapter marked

  18. happy birthday ! :D

  19. welcome to AF vox! Im looking forward to discussing about your work! it sounds absolutely amazing! ^w^
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=Nj_7R4e9ozw;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  21. 96,900 words..... Soooooo close

  22. Xyro

    Happy birthday Drill!!!!!!!!!!!! ^W^

  23. My one wish is blaitent, What would do if someone gave you the option to gain 100,000 million dollars, or to be happy for life
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