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  1. BEFORE YOU READ THIS, HUGE SPOILERS! SO SPOILER ALERT!!! ... Name: Atsuko Viola Age: 17 Gender and Species: Female, human android Picture : (Located inside the Me-Myself-and-Me gallery) Atsuko is a small, petite girl, who is incredibly timid.She wears a long, dark brown skirt, a dark grey shirt, and a black, smart uniform, fit with a blaze. On Top of this, Atsuko wears a green hoodie, and shoulder overalls. Her hair is short, kind of messy, and a beautiful light shade of silver. Her face is incredibly innocent, which ties off with her glossy gold eyes, that shimmer in the light. This look is completely tied off with her wearing brown industrial worker boots, which go up to her shins. (after the incident, her right ear is replaced with a robotic prototype, that acts as a new ear. She tries to cover it up with her hair, to no avail.) Dere: dandere Personality: shy: Atsuko is incredibly shy. However, this doesn't make her antisocial in any way. Struggling to talk with strangers, Atsuko finds pride in being able to speak with her friends confidently. Her shyness derives from both her past conflicts with the IWEC (International weaponry for extreme circumstances), and the fact that she was manufactured initially to not speak, as this was never a necessary modification on a construction Android. Kind: Atsuko does everything in her power to help others at all times. Nothing she ever does is completely selfish, as she has more care for those around her then her self. This, however, is a drawback, as she ends up blaming herself if anything bad was to happen to those close to her (Especially Xyro.) Intelligent: Her intellect and Understanding of the world was all given to her by her father. He created Atsuko’s brain using the same chips found inside of high- intellect supercomputers, therefore allowing Atsuko to learn freely from the world around her. After the murder of her father, Atsuko started to learn allot about herself in the facility: The fact that she was an android, the fact that she was a girl. Tom boy: She is in no way a girly-girl. Although Atsuko loves to wear female clothing, she also takes pride in wearing suits, boots, and any kind of male-esk clothing. You will never catch her in high-heels, that's for sure! … Off topic: Atsuko did age to begin with, making her now technically the age of 18, but her mind is still that of a 17 year old. Her make was designed to be the most advanced androids on the planet for their time, but many were recalled because of a few, issues. These were down to the construction chips making the androids violent and rash when placed into their port in the back of their heads. Atsuko’s chip is located in a silver metal box. When activated, this chip allows her to use 6 mechanical arms, which are located inside of her back. They are all incredibly long, made from thick metal, with a 4 piece pincer at the end of each one. Underneath the pincer’s are wielding torches, which activate at such a high rate, that Atsuko has modified them as a propulsion method instead. Likes: Atsuko loves construction and building. She strives off of being an amazing engineer.Her skill can't even be compared to that of a professional , as she is already 4 steps ahead of them. Boots are her favorite item of choice. Whenever we walk past any kind of store, if she sees boots, she goes for them! And when I say boots, I mean men's boots. These can be anything from construction to smart black. Lastly, she absolutely adores music. Atsuko takes pride in making both lyrics and instrumental. Dislikes: Being the center of attention: To keep it simple, she hates being stared at by a crowd of people. She feels as though she is slowly being suffocated, but she can do it if she absolutely has to. She hates senseless violence. Since her companions are all fighting, Atsuko tries to stay as far away as possible. This changes though, as the more confident and determined to help she gets, the more and more she finds herself being drawn to the idea of fighting. Not senselessly, but practically.
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    League of Legends?

    I used to play League of legends all the time! I can't now though, because my current computer can't run it, unfortunately
  3. *Cracks knuckles* Whelp, everyone knows Atsuko, right yep, let me just get some coffee quickly
  4. Ahh,OK Well, simple answer really.... I WoUlD BuRn EvErY HoUsE tO tHe GrOuNd!!! O_o
  5. I'm a complete idiot! What is the purge? I have never heard the word before?
  6. Welcome to AF Necros! And don't worry, we wont hurt you! ...much
  7. Can I nickname you Miu Shizuka???
  8. To be honest, I have no anxieties or any form of disorder (Apart from insomnia, but that's a different subject ) I have found that since my life has been super rubbish up until this year, the sudden turn around has made me realize that no mater how bad life throws rubbish your way, you will always clime over it. Its how we all live on a day to day basis. In fact, I don't think negatively about anything anymore (Except politics, which I have no interest in what so ever. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss in that sense. I mean, I would like to be politically informed, but I also want to live a happy life. See the problem?) Anyway, i'm just going to say, if anyone needs to share any problems, or needs someone to talk to, i'm always open for discussion After all, we are all human, right? (Well, you guys are anyway. I'm a cyborg, so its a bit different on this end )
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    *Bumps fist with extreme power*
  10. I finished Tokyo Ghoul :Re ages ago, but I still read it often as a passe time. I love it so much >w<
  11. I was wondering then! Basicly, I'm writing a story, and one of the main characters is called miu Shizuoka, so I thought you may have seen it! Thanks for giving me a chuckle though! You arrived in perfect timing
  12. Welcome to AF Miu! Out of curiosity, why the name Miu?
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    Welcome to AF ^w^

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      Thank you very much :D

  14. Welcome to AF ^w^
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    Welcome to AF my bald brother! How about a fist bump?
  16. Diary entry: I have been traveling for twelve months. Water supplies are low. Oxygen supplies are running slim. I don't think i'm going to make it back in one piece. nevertheless, i'm placing this message into a safety shuttle and sending it back to earth. Inside, it should hold a copy of this diary, the mission objectives, and all information regarding the planets orbit and pressure on surface. If your reading this, and I haven't made it back, tell my wife I love her, and I will miss her greatly. She means the world to me. P.S: Tell my brother that, in our little race, I WIN!
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=KLFbt_Y31ls;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4 A song about me! Pyromaniac style
  18. CAMPAIGNER PERSONALITY (ENFP, -A/-T) The Campaigner personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike types in the Explorer Role group, Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd. ^w^ this made my day!
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=XAGVshXR2Lg;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4 I may have put this up already, but I absolutely love it, so it needs to make a return! Enjoy :3
  20. This is one of those subject's where I can't speak from experience, but I can think of it in two ways: The scientific point of view: "true love" is when you find that one person, that although they may have their small faults, are seen as perfect to you, because no matter what, you love them enough to see their positives and negatives as irresistible. Since this hasn't happened to me at all in my lifetime, I can't exactly say if true love does exist or not. (But its like everything. Just because I haven't seen or felt it, doesn't mean that it don't exist) The emotional point of view: as human nature has it, we spend so much time searching for the perfect person, that we tend to miss out on who we already have in our lives. If true love does exist, then maybe searching for it will only bring you around in circle's. True love is not forced. Its just.... Stumbled upon. Anyway, I believe true love exists out there for everyone. You don't know when or where it will strike, but it will happen. (Thanks for reading! I honestly would have given up half way through with how much I go on!)
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