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  1. I'm kind of running thin on songs to add daily now (aka, i'm almost through my playlist ^^) Well, here's one I was able to scrape together. Not sure if I have already added this one, but here you go anyway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=kCDC_UwyZxM;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  2. At least someone played the game properly ^w^
  3. To celebrate today's successes, I present to you a cover by EDEN! I love music ~^W^~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=OVrxM0kD_B0;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  4. Well, The rule is being enforced now then. Ryuji is the only acceptation, because he is a spoil-sport (jk, Ryuji is great)
  5. Avoiding everyone was not an option ;-)
  6. Its similar to kissing someone in a passionate way. But the word is informal, so almost slang like
  7. Well, here's a good question: Out of everyone on AF, who would you rather Snog, Marry or Avoid. (remember, don't take any of these literately, its just a game ) (p.s: avoiding everyone is NOT an option) (p.p.s: You can only pick one person on AF per option.)
  8. [IMG]http://orig03.deviantart.net/ef58/f/2015/211/4/9/rin_tokikaze_by_supershadowmarx-d93gu2x.jpg[/IMG]

  9. Well, some songs just blow me away ^w^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=BXckWJeWrP8;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  10. Welcome to AF ^w^ I hope you have a pleasurable stay!
  11. welcome MadHatter to AF! (ik, I already said hi, but might as well say it again ) First question! Who is your favourite character from Tokyo Ghoul? (I wont give you points for guessing mine lol ^w^)
  12. Welcome to AF MadHatter ^^

  13. this is a weird one, but I thought it was pretty cool ^w^ enjoy todays song ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=ojrIBXaBEDc;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  14. Happy birthday dude ^w^

    1. TychoLorenzo


      Thanks man! sorry for the late response, I was offline for quite a while.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSvOTw8UH6s todays song
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=IevsaST5LOE;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4 Not for fluffy (she doesn't like neightcore.) but for anybody else, this is today's song! yayay
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=hEaGpgVy71s;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4 Black plague for all!
  18. what a beautiful song! ^w^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=6uYmRQkZMeY;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  19. If used correctly, they hold great power....
  20. "Passion is something that cant be learnt. It has to be earned through blood, sweat and tears."

  21. I have been listening to this song allot, so I thought I might as well give a translated version in English Anyway, here are the English lyrics: Tell me, please tell me, what this plot is all about.. Exactly, who resides within me? I'm broken, so broken - amidst this world. Yet you laugh, blind to everything. Being as broken as I am, I hold my breath, And it can't be unraveled, it can no longer be unraveled... Not even the truth. (Freeze) Breakable; unbreakable - psychotic; unable to go insane I'll find you, and...! In this shaken, twisted world, I gradually become transparent, unable to be seen. Please don't bother looking for me; don't stare at me.. I merely don't want to hurt you, inside a world, that came out of someone's imagination. So please remember me; as vivid as I was. Infinitely spreading, solitude wraps around me. Memories of times I laughed innocently comes to mind, And I can't move, can't move, can't move, can't move, can't move, I cannot move! Unraveling the world. I've changed; I couldn't go back to the way I was. As the two twines around one another, the both of us will perish away... Breakable; unbreakable - psychotic; unable to go insane I can't afford to let you be defiled! In this shaken, twisted world, I gradually become transparent, unable to be seen. Please don't bother looking for me; don't stare at me.. In a trap of solitude someone had set, before the future unravels, Remember me; as vivid as I was. Please don't forget me, don't forget me, don't forget me, don't forget me! Paralyzed by the fact that I've changed, In a paradise filled with nothing but unrecoverable things, Please remember me. Tell me, please tell me... Exactly, who resides within me?
  22. Xyro

    Power outages

    During a power outage, I normally tend to just write or draw ^W^ I only really need my computer to type stuff (and talk to you amazing guys/gals )
  23. I already have a Juuzou suzya one ^W^ it looks cool, but I would like to get more. In fact, I think that's the only anime thing with Juuzou on it I need to get more....
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