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  1. welcome to AF rem... I mean... Never mind XD

  2. new website, new beginning ^w^

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    2. Xyro


      http://projectforxyro.wixsite.com/me-myself-and-me Yep ^w^

    3. Davis


      you are gonna have too many chapters soon ...

    4. Xyro


      DW, I have a plan :D as soon as the whole earth story is finished, it will all be segmented under one section with each individual chapter marked

  3. happy birthday ! :D

  4. 96,900 words..... Soooooo close

  5. Xyro

    Happy birthday Drill!!!!!!!!!!!! ^W^

  6. 94,000 words?!?! The party starts as soon as I hit 100,000 words! woop, woop!

  7. Happy birthday ^w^

  8. 89,000 words! only 11,000 to go until I can celibate ! yay!

    1. flambo



  9. Xyro

    Welcome to AF ^w^

    1. Miu


      Thank you very much :D

  10. Exams are over and done with, yeah! (Cookies and fist-bumps for all!)

    1. mechaBD


      Hi. I'm here for cookies and fist bumps. :P

    2. Xyro


      *Fist-bumps Mechy, and hands a cookie :3*

    3. mechaBD



  11. XD My mum thought that anime was a spanish word for animal!

  12. I have learned one thing today: Im not funny T-T

  13. I have learned one thing today....

  14. [IMG]http://orig03.deviantart.net/ef58/f/2015/211/4/9/rin_tokikaze_by_supershadowmarx-d93gu2x.jpg[/IMG]

  15. Welcome to AF MadHatter ^^

  16. Happy birthday dude ^w^

    1. TychoLorenzo


      Thanks man! sorry for the late response, I was offline for quite a while.

  17. "Passion is something that cant be learnt. It has to be earned through blood, sweat and tears."

  18. Xyro

    Banana XD (Only Vigil should understand)

  19. ^U^ someone just said to me that my personality is like sugar coated cyanide!

  20. Mecha: I hate those anime scenes where they get ice cream. they can never just eat it. they have to sexually assault it. the poor ice cream!

  21. Xyro

    Happy birthday optic ^W^

    1. Optic


      Thank you :)

  22. Xyro

    Happy birthday! ^^

  23. Welcome to AF ^^

  24. By day he is known as xyro, but by night, he is known as: THE BOY WHO NEVER LEAVES!

    1. $3x¥


      Shoo! Shoo! ;3

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7cXt9LS1OY&list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4&index=80 Listening to this for inspiration :D

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