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  1. You almost destroyed my notifications bell xd

  2. *boops you on the nose* ^w^

  3. *boops you on the nose* ^w^

  4. Who is the girl on your avatar and sig? She's really cute and extremely cheery. :D Whats she from?

  5. its cool im still here and i am unclear if this is funny qnd im laughed at or you are popular at 5in the am?

  6. still busy or more freetime cause everyone else went to sleep so im bored. i forgot that i Wrote that so im sorry i didnt mean it. will you talk to me since i am a jerk for the remark?

  7. what anime are you.

  8. new website, new beginning ^w^

  9. new website, new beginning ^w^

  10. how do i send pics to you?

  11. how do i send pics to you?

  12. Almost got hit by a car while playing Pokemon GO. Im addicted af.

  13. Thanks for saying Len is cool. None really agrees with me .o.

  14. Exams are over and done with, yeah! (Cookies and fist-bumps for all!)

  15. This forum needs new members

  16. *Bunny being a bunny*

  17. *Bunny being a bunny*

  18. *Bunny being a bunny*

  19. well, thanks a lot for posting that story, I could never compete with that... now, I won't be rising back to my throne because of you x(


  21. Xyro

    Xyro    Ryuji

    You need to see episode 4 of Joker game! Its so good!

  22. Thanks for le follow :3

  23. hahahahhahaha. u joined a day b4 my bdayy!

  24. hahahahhahaha. u joined a day b4 my bdayy!

  25. Writing is hard... even if you are just doing it for fun

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