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  1. *Takes the butterbeer in one hand and chugs the beverage, finishing it before slamming the glass down gently enough not to break it, but still strong enough to be disconcerting*

    Heh, CHEERS!

    To a good year at Hogwarts! 

  2. Welcome one and all, Brothers and sisters, to the Gryffindor house!

    As is tradition, we would like to start off by introducing everyone within the introduction ceremony! Please, when called, step to the front and give us your name and your aspirations for the wizarding world... Or, if you're unsure, not a problem! Sometimes life is a path worth carving with one's own sword if the goal in sight is shrouded. "Their daring, nerve and chivalry set Griffindors apart" and all! 

    So, who's first? Hmmm?

    ...Whelp, guess I'll start us off!

    Hi, the names Cruck, or CK for short, and my aspiration for the wizarding world is to follow in my fathers footsteps to become a Dragon keeper!

    So, what of the rest of ya? 

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  3. 1 minute ago, The History Kid said:

      I am kids. 

    From now on, all I can imagine is you as 3 small children in a duffle-coat sat at top one another's shoulders. You are kids now.

    2 minutes ago, Nova said:

    I was even went to a relationship with food😂

    We all have an unhealthy relationship with food. After all, we keep coming back to it 😜

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Nova said:

    Food is love after all and stormy time again hence no classes for my little niece 

    Food is the way to anyone's heart, be it out of love or the desire to block it with high cholesterol 😜

    And time off is always nice! Currently experiencing the same thing, albeit I'm just on summer break from uni :3 go back some time in early October, but haven't been given any actual dates for it yet :D

    1 minute ago, The History Kid said:

    Maaaan...don't start with me about diets.  All work wants to do is talk to us about fitness "oh by the way, here's a rotisserie chicken."

    You know what they say, a rotisserie chicken a day keeps the diet away!

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  5. The most unprofessional (negatively, because my form tutor in college was the most unprofessional person I have ever known, but he was the best teacher we ever had because of it!) Was a time when we had a cover teacher try and teach our class, forget they left something in their car, went to get it and realised they had locked themselves out of their own car, so instead he had to wait for a good 3 solid hours, by which point the class was up. All the while, he simply stood by his car taking a cig. 

    *Shrugs* can't really blame him. Although would have been nice if he had actually just came back to at least give us some work or another.

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  6. Well, within the novel I'm making at the moment there are a few other words made up to account for the factor of certain things existing in certain places that don't otherwise. Like these for bounty hunters;

    Guffrender: "The act of rendering someone unstable or unconscious via the use of a rope or length of material, done in such a way as to make them easily moveable via the use of Guffing* them. Word commonly used to describe a bounty hunters duty when capturing a hostile alive"

    *Guffing: "Utalising remote or psychological manipulation to controll ones movements, but for the express purpose of non-violent capture or restraint"

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  7. 1 minute ago, Seshi said:

    You don't have to xD

    The sorting hat does take your requests into consideration after all. We'd be happy to take you in Hufflepuff if you feel that we would be your comrades. 

    *Turns to look at the puff of huffle* ...My path lies elsewhere brothers... sisters... Forgive me... *Enters the griffon door*

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Seshi said:

    Not at all. I'm new to working on webpages, so I feel that with this role as community manager, I get to learn new things all the time 😀

    I'm trying to learn a few simple things regarding CSS, but its slow goins. 

    Ahhhh, I see!

    Well, regardless of newness and whatnot, I can very clearly see that you are doing a wonderfull job as community manager thusfar :3 

    So keep up the wonderful work, and don't give yourself too much of a headache with it, eyy 😜

    Still though, I remember back when we had a live chat on this forum. Can't quite remember why that was taken away, but I know it was something understandable or another. Still happy my chihiro emoji is still in the other tab though!


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  9. On 8/6/2019 at 2:25 AM, Seshi said:

    Each Poster copies and pastes this list, adding or subtracting (1) from a single character each time. 

    Nawh, come on! Got to give an extra one to my boy Ron! He needs a good o'll fighting chance!












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  10. Heh, well

    Got to love it when you do the test, and you go "Hmm, I think I would be a Hufflepuff!" And score a 20 :3

    Meanwhile,  Griffindor jabs me in the face at 100

    So guess I'm Griffindor xD

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  11. *sits down on couch with a big oll "POOMF"*

    ...pfffffft, knackered. In the best of ways, but still knackered ^^

    Spent the day pretty much figuring out how to properly adjust armatures to fit an actual anatomy that makes sense, while also doing oll bits of writing and narrative development and yada yada. To summarize; productive 😜

    What's everyone else been up to today, hmmm? I see allot about dead people, so I'm assuming that everyone's either been on some kind of crusade for pudding, or someone had a birthday party!

  12. 1 minute ago, Nova said:

    Welcome back then and nice to meet you


    Always find it nice to come back for a little while every now and then :3 Life can be incredibly busy, what with uni and other parts going on 24/7.

    so its always a pleasure being back on and seeing new faces/posts ^-^

    Still, whats everyone else up to, eyy? 

  13. On 10/8/2018 at 4:52 PM, AniMeFReaK said:

    As for my weapon, I'll provide you with an imaginary piece of paper.

    Honing the art of imaginary origami, I would carefully and meticulously fold a tiny crane. using years of study, training and hard work, I would become a sensei to the little crane, helping it to master the way of the fold itself. then, when it finally masters the craft, it would hone the paper into a tiny blade, and find its life-long target...

    ....Little crane always gets his target....

    Anyway, next weapon would be a pair of small, but strong magnets!

  14. 3 hours ago, Nova said:

    That happens to me as well on rainy/stormy days 👻evening from the philippines another rainy time

    Weather can be an utter pain for any internet related tomfoolary, as I have too been required to put up a tussle with mine.

    Also, hello by the way!!! *Finger guns anyone and everyone* Been a long time since I've been here! Place is looking as chill as ever ^^

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  15. Ehh, drinking is one of those things where its a hit or a miss for me. if I find something I like, I'll have a good o'll swig every now and then (Maybe 1 or two every few months, especially If I'm out anywhere with buds, or at a meeting... meetings are weird ;) )



    Regardless though, I am no connoisseur of alcohol by any stretch of the imagination. My non-existant specialties will always remain in variations of tea, I suppose ;) 

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  16. I sleep for around 6 hours on a good evening. But to be honest, i wish I could sleep more. I sometimes feel allot better sleeping then waking. Mostly because I have a place of my own design, and a universe to explore....

    ....Unlike now, in the waking world, where I have allot of work to do xD

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