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  1. Hey all! ^^ Seems weird, but I have been running a HxH D&D for quite some time now, and i just wanted to talk about it a little bit, since I feel it may interest some of you. While it is set in the HxH universe, it also uses the idea of a forever expanding planet, so while some locations are still the same from the actual series, there are billions of different factions, creatures and places to explore. Seems weird, but I kind of adapted the D&D rule-set to simplify the rules for newer players, shortening down the stats to only 5. While this means that large amounts of the micromanagement for stats is out the window, I have made up for this by implementing crab tons of items and stuff into the world. Either way, each of the characters is more or less meant to be designed to focus more on the RP elements and the combat then the actual technical game-play stuff. But yeah, right now is going well ^^ I may have to document everything and share it, although that depends if i get the time
  2. This may be a bit short, but I really just wanted to vent something. I made this yesterday. Once again, I'm sorry that its short, but I don't know exactly what else to talk about right now. I never understood true disappointment until now. That feeling you get when you feel you did everything wrong and everything right at the same time, yet somehow it always comes out in a net negative. The feeling of being struck down, regardless of intentions on both sides. That feeling of letting those around you down, or visa versa. It’s painful…. I know… Truth be told, we all go through and experience this kind of disappointment at least once in our lives. It’s how we are meant to grow as people. Or so they say… I guess that means I just have allot of growing up to do…. … *Sigh* I guess it can't be helped at all. I think I will just go on, and try to forget things I felt so strongly about. Because after all, like I said from the beginning.. It was too good to be true.
  3. Life is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good ^w^

    1. brycec


      Good to hear. Think it would ever get so good that you will need to use exponential powers to express it?

    2. SleepyLeoulf


      I'm happy things are good for you.

  4. Using the rubber bands first and foremost, I place them over my shoes! So that there is at least 3 of them on each shoe, which should provide me some added grip from the elastic. Then, using the lighter, I heat up the fork until it begins to glow red (Which I imagine uses up all the lighter fuel). With my newly found climbing gear, I begin to traverse the slopes, using the the hot fork as a makeshift and barely useful icepick, all the while maintaining traction on the ice due to the elastic.
  5. Reject, since i already have enough sass in my life, which will probably just end up with so many sassy arguments --- Daren the dastardly Gnome
  6. Don't let the tittle mislead you, this is a game ya naughty people you! The aim of the game is simple; You have to create a character in 100 words or less, then the person underneath can either chose to Date, or reject. (Similar to swiping left or right) Sounds simple, right? that's because it is! So, let me go first, shall I? ---- William the Pirate with two eye-patches!
  7. Anime has taught me multiple life lessons. Especially how to use hedgehog warfare to my advantage. Oh, and that when the world goes into fallout, pudding cups will be the only currency available. So yeah, anime is extremely important in my life! ... Oh, also, without anime the Anime forums wouldn't exist, and I wouldn't have ever met all of you jokers, which is an existence I couldn't picture myself in. Stay true guys/gals, you're all amazing ... Unless you touch my pudding! Then we need to have a talk
  8. While I used to do a little bit of drawing here and there, I actually really enjoy sitting back and either listening and learning from sources, such as open lectures and the like. Or, I usually try and meditate so that I can go into lucid dreaming ^^ Apart from that, I don't have anything else to add other then watching videos and listening to allot of music. Kind of boring now that I think about it. But ehh, I wouldn't have it any other way ^w^
  9. I would go back to what I used to do; living the good life, hunting my own food with friends, exploring the local forests out of sheer enjoyment, and just living the life I used too ^w^ ....Oh, and i would build more Pillow forts. Lots, and lots of Pillow forts!
  10. I think I would still try and do everything. Because if I knew everything, I could do whatever i wanted throughout life and know the outcome. that way I would simply construct a life around the funnest and most exciting outcomes, especially if it ends without anybody getting hurt in the process. (however, if you want to get technical, if i knew everything, wouldn't I find a way to make myself immortal or biologically immortal anyway? just a side thought )
  11. Optic.............. *Gives puppy dog eyes* Can my name be Xyro again pweeeeeeeeeeeees? *Gives bigger puppy dog eyes*
  12. Now this is a question! So, I will happily give two answers, one of which is serious, and the other is my non-serious answer. Serious answer: A "God" is a contraversial term. If you mean an Immortal with the ability to create things and take away things at will, then i would without a doupt create balanced and unbalanced worlds to veiw the outcomes and note them down. While power seems amazing at first, i already know that things would go on forever, so i will focuse on simulating infinite senarios and noting them down. After all, who wouldent want to note down and experiance everything that you create! Same applies for Immortals without universal power. I would just wonder forever, exploring and Learning from everyone and everything I encounter, as well as passing my own knowledge down to those who i feel need it. Not-Serious answer: MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! All mortals will bow down to the lord of the universe! I will lay waste to all who appose me with my army of hedgehogs and my skill in hedgehog warfare! Bring me every last pudding-cup in existence.... and I may just let you live another day! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH....*Cough*....MUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My favorite "Book" was probably The art of war, by Sunzi. I know its weird, but allot of the things covered in there can easily be related back to simple civilized life, especially when it comes to the social aspects. (I was once told by someone that the art of war was just like the 48 rules of power. While the two may be similar in theme, the 48 rules of power are provided to those who want to completely down-tread everyone in their life and look out for themselves only. Please, don't take life lessons from the 48 rules of power.) Anyway, It's a must-read for anyone who is interested in the true art of war! (And I'm not sure why Leoulf I am just a boring peacock after all. )
  13. This topic is actually a very good one to bring up. When you look at the medical and psychological aspect of Anime or any show, you have to take into consideration the fact that shows will always try to bring in an audience. However, certain shows will always go about it in a different way. Moreover, shows have to take into consideration the principal of addiction. In short, everything can become addicting, which is when watching shows will start to effect your health. This usually results in you having a dependency on continual watching the show (Regardless of if it is anime or not). But, like all addiction's, its just a case of getting help, or trying to limit yourself. Note that its never a problem to talk to people about these kinds of things. addiction can be hard, so being able to freely talk to someone about it is something you should always be able to do. Now, another cause for health will be dictated on how impressionable you are. Now, let's be honest, everyone here has watched a show at one point or another, and has tried to or pretended to be characters from that show. We all have done it, even when it comes to quoting individuals. This is all to do with how our brain adapts to a situation, and how a show portrays that situation. In most cases, we see the situation as fun, or it links to us in some emotional way or another. While this is usually light on the surface, its not uncommon for certain individuals to take things to the extreme. In some cases, this is actually not a problem at all. However, if you know somebody who has tried to re-shape themselves in a characters complete image and personality, then it may be a suggestion to sit and talk with them. Regardless, if they are happy, they are happy, so trying to change them would be both a fruitless endeavor and something you shouldn't really try and change. In my personal experience, while anime hasent actually effected my physical health in any way, (Since I set times to watch shows with friends, enjoy them, then move on for a few weeks or so), Anime and other forms of media have effected my mental state in a.... Well, I would say positive way. Mainly because without it, I feel as though I wouldent get the enjoyment I get when doing writing, since anime has helped me visualize characters, environments and settings in so many places. Anyway, thank you so much for that question Mirror! That was really a brain-plucker ^w^
  14. *Sigh* Why couldent we have adapted to fly?

    I want to have wings like a harpy.....

    ....and giant shedding talons like one too! 0wo

    1. SleepyLeoulf


      You never know... things can happen.. >,..,>  

  15. I received a question a few days ago about my political views, and while they may be a rather controversial thing, I am more then happy to answer here about them.... ....mainly because I dont have any! While it is interesting to look into of from time to time, politics is a profession that I just can't get my head into, out of the fear of backlash from having a view within it. While that's not the case for most people, the simple subject can becoume increadibly bitter when two sides have apposing veiws. So, While I do look into it and understand the subject terminology, I try to steer clear of its discussion and outlook. Nevertheless, everyone's views should be accepted (Unless of course they are incredibly damaging, hurtful or deliberately spiteful) and It would be better for peoples health if they just sat back and discussed things like people ^^ But yeah, thank you to the person who asked about my political views! (You know who you are )
  16. Right now I feel like I'm about to swan dive from a building into a goldfish bowl.
  17. I know I didn't say it before, but welcome to the Anime Forums TXGEMGAL ^^

    1. txGemgal3084


      Oh! Thank you very much. I've never used a forum before but I really wanted to talk with people who like the same things I like I really don't have anyone like that in life at the moment.

  18. Welcome to AF, I hope you like it here ^w^ Oh, and we have cookies in the back. Feel free to take some at your pleasure ^^
  19. So many questions! Thank you! Right now my favourite story is the main storyline for MMaM, since it means allot to me. While all the other stories I make are set in the same universe, its hard to say that any of them top A.I's storylines. That's a tricky one, since I like both. But if I had to choose one or the other, I would chose Cats. Mainly because a dog is too loyal, and I just dont have the time to look after one with the love and affection they deserve, as well as the amount of care they need. A cat on the other hand just stares you cold in the eyes as it pushes your favourite cup off the side. That's why you have to love them Hmm, that's also a really tricky one, since I have allot of respect for any published author, regardless of their prior actions or the quality of their work. The point is, I like to try and not judge people on their social lives, but on the work itself. Anyway, I know this is a generalisation, but I feel that celebrity books about their personal lives should not be a published book. I know that seems weird, but I feel as though books should strive to educate people in some way or another, which they can then apply to their lives. With a celebrity book, you don't get the impact because it breaks the connect between the reader and the viewer. Instead, I feel a celebrity should rather go up on stage and address issues face to face, as its much more inspiring to watch a rolls model talk to you when you can listen directly to what they have to say. Anyway, as far as the question goes I'm sticking to the "Celebrity lives" books. Not because they are necessarily bad, but because they just don't have the inspiration and the importance they deserve.
  20. Depends on the situation. Mainly because anybody can survive for up to three weeks without food. Although if I was a hotdog I wouldn't be a human being anymore. Heck, would I even have a stomach? And am I in a Bun? If not then I would just probably eat myself, from the simple fact that eating your own body parts is a pretty stupid and desperate last resort. Firstly, blood-loss (Or in this case, hotdog water) would kill you outright if not treated, and secondly you could gain more protein from plant life then you can meat, which is so much better for your likelihood for survival. But to answer the question simply; No, I wouldn't eat myself ...unless I had some condiments on sight and a bun!
  21. Cat girls are always good, no matter what the story. Heck, imagine your favourite movie, then add a cat girl in there. The movie automaticly goes up a ratting!
  22. Xyro


    I was a test tube baby potato, so I have no birthday
  23. I don't really play it, although I will say its nothing truely special. My thoughts on it is that the gameplay itself is janky from time to time, but it does hold its own as a good arena shooter. The only thing I feel will happen is that in a year or two another one will come out with better quality, balancing and items which will completely steamrolle PUBG. The release on console is to be expected. Its super popular, so why not provide it to all platforms, right? Either way the idea of playing any kind of shooter ( regardless of perspective) with a gamepad, seems a bit frustrating. Either way, PUBG is probably one of the better games to be out right now, however I feel its more special because of its market trends, community accessibility and envelopment then it is for being a high quality game. Still though, I would give it an 8/9 out of 10. Its great to watch as well! You get to see grown men camp in a corner for 10 odd muinits, get shot, the repeat
  24. In all honesty, I am entirely work focused and I think I may always be worked focused. Its not that I don't care for anybody else, I just love writing and creating worlds so much that if the opportunity arrived for me to become a professional author I would do that in a heartbeat. Moreover, I kind-of would rather let people find their own ways. That's one of the main reasons I love writing so much, because I am able to meet so many new people and come up with so many different and unique characters to re-tell their life-stories. (And besides, I would need to find my Atsuko for me to think otherwise to be fair.)
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