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  1. Steamed shrimp and carrots, sauteed shitake mushrooms, marinated red bell pepper strips, & jasmine rice. Putting my new rice cooker/steamer to work! LOL!
  2. Grave of the Fireflies...Complete Masterpiece 100%
  3. Just finished School Live! & loved it. Now on to Hell Girl :) 

  4. There were definitely some parts where I was just like 'No Way!' but see, I mainly enjoy much darker, horror/psychological anime, so this was perfect for me. They did a masterful job of highlighting just how far the mind will go to protect itself from trauma. When I heard that this was slice of life, I almost passed it over because while I'm enjoying exploring the genre, I'm just not that interested in sugary sweet, high school life shows where everyone is adorable & nothing serious happens. I like shows that are more balanced. I don't want to be scared senseless or in tears the whole time but I also don't want hearts & flowers & endless hyper pop songs shoved down my throat either. That's where School Live! shines in my opinion. Yuki is about as adorable you could ever want but her character is so well layered, as are the other characters. Each one is more than meets the eye & you just come to appreciate all of them as as the story progresses. I would recommend this show to any & everybody. Perfect Halloween season anime. I am now currently watching Hell Girl & so far, I'm enjoying this one as well.
  5. Currently watching School Live! and loving every minute of it
  6. I've revised the first page again to strengthen the hook at the end of the last paragraph. I'm also in the process of filling out more of the character backstories and I've even written the lyrics for a song that Phia will whisper into the ear of the main antagonist at the end of their fight. I like the song so much that I think I'll use it in the book trailer and I will be doing the vocals for it. I've recently begun chatting with a composer here in the U.S. and have sent the song to him to get his thoughts. Oh, and I'm deciding on other special foods that will be in the story at specific points. As I've stated, I'd like to have these recipes at the end of the book & if I do plan to do a YouTube channel or Discord, I'd like to show people how to make these.
  7. The onigiri up top that are completely covered are filled with salted plum & seasoned with bonito & egg seasoning. The ones on the bottom are filled with lemon pepper tuna & seasoned with roasted sesame seeds & seaweed seasoning. I also made some red miso to go on the side. This was super easy & tastes so yummy! Not too bad for my first try
  8. Making onigiri for the first time today. I'll be making a few with lemon pepper tuna & a few with salted plum. I think as a fun hobby I'm going to start making onigiri to celebrate some of my favorite anime characters. 

    1. RuthisianCodex


      These turned out amazing! 20201005_142407.jpg?width=759&height=427

  9. Just finished Donyatsu...what did I even just watch?
  10. Pupa....and my goodness, this is so messed up....
  11. Watching Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid with some friends
  12. Finally able to join my first Simulwatch! YAY! *grabs all sorts of yummy treats* 

  13. One of my favorite scenes from this season. My guy Hatori was NOT messing around!
  14. Enjoyed this episode. I'm glad that we have more insight on the relationship between Joker & Burns. The whole revelation about the Holy Sol Temple sent a chill down my spine for all sorts of reasons, as did the Adolla Link scene. I watched a Canadian horror movie from 2008 called Martyrs that gave me a similar vibe. That movie will jack you up so you've been warned should you decide to check it out.
  15. 'I can still see the truth with just one eye.' ~ Joker, Fire Force
  16. In less than 5 episodes, Dororo has become one of my top 5 favorite anime of all time. I am just loving everything about this series so far. 

  17. Agreed. Haru is definitely a favorite of mine as well. And yeah, we absolutely need to delve deeper into his back story because I'm sure it's incredible.
  18. Just started Dororo & oh...my...GOSH! Loving it so far!
  19. Just bought an awesome new pair of heeled boots so you know what that means.....

    A week or two of walking around in them at home so that I hopefully don't slip & break my neck out in public, that's what! 

  20. There are definitely things about this series that get on my nerves but I'm still enjoying it because of the overall story, the variety of powers used, & the fight scenes.
  21. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi aka Season 4 of Natsume's Book of Friends
  22. Welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your time here & make some new friends
  23. Welcome to AF. I hope you have a nice time & get to make some new friends.
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