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  1. 10 hours ago, efaardvark said:

    That one was a downer for me.  Once I realized the situation and started thinking about it it got sort of depressing.  Especially the thing with Megumi-sensei, and the fact that the girls aren't able to get out of their precarious situation.  They're fairly stable for the moment, but the reality is that they don't have a long-term plan and they don't have the skills among them to overcome entropy in the long run.

    That said I would be interested in another season.

    There were definitely some parts where I was just like 'No Way!' but see, I mainly enjoy much darker, horror/psychological anime, so this was perfect for me. They did a masterful job of highlighting just how far the mind will go to protect itself from trauma. When I heard that this was slice of life, I almost passed it over because while I'm enjoying exploring the genre, I'm just not that interested in sugary sweet, high school life shows where everyone is adorable & nothing serious happens. I like shows that are more balanced. I don't want to be scared senseless or in tears the whole time but I also don't want hearts & flowers & endless hyper pop songs shoved down my throat either. That's where School Live! shines in my opinion. Yuki is about as adorable you could ever want but her character is so well layered, as are the other characters. Each one is more than meets the eye & you just come to appreciate all of them as as the story progresses. I would recommend this show to any & everybody. Perfect Halloween season anime. 

    I am now currently watching Hell Girl & so far, I'm enjoying this one as well. 

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  2. 20201005_142407.jpg?width=759&height=427

    The onigiri up top that are completely covered are filled with salted plum & seasoned with bonito & egg seasoning. The ones on the bottom are filled with lemon pepper tuna & seasoned with roasted sesame seeds & seaweed seasoning. I also made some red miso to go on the side. This was super easy & tastes so yummy! Not too bad for my first try :) 

  3. Enjoyed this episode. I'm glad that we have more insight on the relationship between Joker & Burns. The whole revelation about the Holy Sol Temple sent a chill down my spine for all sorts of reasons, as did the Adolla Link scene. I watched a Canadian horror movie from 2008 called Martyrs that gave me a similar vibe. That movie will jack you up so you've been warned should you decide to check it out. 

  4. 6 hours ago, EnviousEnvy said:

    I'm a bit behind on the series (watching too many series at once).

    I used to think Shigure was my absolute favorite but as of right now Haru and Rin are slowly taking his place (or at least will be another top favorite). I see so many people obsessing over Kyo but honestly I'm partial to Haru and his struggles too. He's so emotional and his personality is just *sigh*. Haru definitely deserves more love too.

    Agreed. Haru is definitely a favorite of mine as well. And yeah, we absolutely need to delve deeper into his back story because I'm sure it's incredible. 

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  5. Just watched it & I was expecting something absolutely terrible to happen but it wasn't as emotional as I feared it would be. I did tear up at Momiji & Tohru praying together though. There was such a fierce sincerity between them. And when Yuki said that he stood up to Akito with that pleased look on his face, that just made my day. I really wanted to hug him. And yeah, I've been calling Akito a girl the whole time so I wasn't shocked at all. She's a spiteful, mean, insecure, vindictive, whiny, weak, little girl. Ugh. And if you're wondering if I was moved by her break down with Kureno, no I wasn't. Look, none of us like feeling like we've been abandoned or not good enough or whatever but not everyone goes on destructive rampages where they're trying to gouge out people's eyes, claw at people's faces, throw people off rooftops, or smash glass objects over people's heads. Akito isn't just immature & codependent, she's dangerous. I'm not sure how this revelation is going to change the dynamic between Tohru & Akito but it would be awesome if Akito goes to do something so ridiculous that it snaps Tohru out of her overly delicate state, grabs Akito, & beats the hell out of her. I mean, it's unlikely but hey, I have a right to dream lol. 

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  6. I got into some discussions about this episode on MAL and there is something extremely traumatic & brutal that happens to Joker when he is young. It can be very triggering so just steel yourself for it if you haven't watched already. Joker has immediately become one of my top 5 favorite characters in the show, if not of all time in anime period because of this episode. The amount of suffering he was made to endure is ridiculous. I'm loving the changes to the animation in this episode because it was much grittier than the others & I'd like to see this style used more often. 

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