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  1. I've begun my first playthrough of Eternal Hope. The art style & mechanics are gorgeous. The mechanics are similar to Limbo but there is an added feature that I've not seen in a game before that is pretty nifty that you use to alternate between realities. I will say that if your Limbo game was a bit rusty, the controls can be a bit awkward at first because it uses the arrow keys for movement. I'm pretty sure Limbo used W,A,S,D but I could be wrong since it's been a while since I played it. 

    ETERNAL HOPE PC Game Free Download

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  2. Wow....this week's episode was so dark, I loved it! The fight scenes were really cool & I'm very curious to see how this story arc develops. Also, if anyone was curious as to why Benimaru is my husbando, this episode should have cleared it up. 'Don't whine to me about a lousy arm.'  Such...a...badass!!!! 

    Shinra vs. Joker! | Fire Force (SimulDub Clip) – Fans of Anime

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  3. I must say that the weekly Fruits Basket chats have really done a lot to help me manage my stress during these rough times that we've all been facing. Through our shared interest in the show, we've covered some very deep, very thought provoking topics in a respectful manner. My biggest hope is that some real world healing resulted from it. I can say that that has personally been the case for me. 

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  4. Lox and bagels for my birthday breakfast: thinly sliced smoked salmon nestled on a toasted jalapeno cheddar bagel topped with whipped cream cheese & sprinkled with capers. I'm also having a grapefruit cut into wedges & some hot milk tea.


  5. Today is my birthday. I turned 37 & despite all the ridiculous things that have happened in this last year, I have a lot to be thankful for. One of those things is having been able to explore & get lost in the world of anime. The varying art styles, characters, story arcs, & story lines have not only given me a way to disconnect & just enjoy a great art form, I've also had the chance to connect with & share my joy with other fans & that's been the best part of all. 

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  6. I personally loved Black Butler. I watched both seasons & in my opinion, the first season was better simply because of the twists that are revealed. Sebastian is one of my all time favorite anime characters of all time. 

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  7. Explored a bit more of the jungle region in Terraria & found a wicked ancient underground temple that I need to defeat some really awful bosses to obtain the key just to enter it...lovely. I also upgraded my armor & boots, as well as discovered some new minerals. 

  8. So, unashamedly I had to take a few days to calm down before giving my thoughts on this episode because the whole scene where Akito viciously attacked Yuki....let's just say that if this had happened in real life & I were there, I would have tackled her to the ground & pummeled the ever living snot out of her. I just, I'm almost at a loss for words at how disgusted I am over Akito's behavior. Will Akito have a traumatic backstory as well? You better believe it. Does that justify any of her actions or will lead to me feeling differently about her once her trauma is revealed? Not...a...bit! Why? Because of her conscious awareness of the grief & pain that she is causing to others. She knows full well what she's doing & CHOOSES to behave nastily & viciously towards others, therefore effectively depriving others of their peace. UGH.

    I'm so ready for there to be some type of emotional, loving moment between Tohru & Kyo that I almost can't stand it. I just want to see them be free & truly happy with one another. And don't think I haven't noticed Kyo's efforts to be more lighthearted around her. So adorable. 

    And I've said this before & I'll say it again, Machi & Yuki is a fantastic match. There is this really cool yin/yang energy between them that is so very well done. And the fact that Yuki is building a strong friendship with her brother is even better because I'm sure he has been adversely affected by their upbringing, so they will all help each other heal. 

    I may wait & watch the finale on the weekend after it is released because I know that it is just going to leave me shattered beyond all comprehension & I simply can't try to get a good night's rest after something like that so if you don't hear from me until next Friday at least you know why. 

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  9. First, Butterbeer is the nectar o' the Gawds! 

    Second, I love more savory snacks like salty pretzels or just really good cheese & fruit boards that are pretty easy to put together. But if I'm getting candy to give out I try to get some of those mixed variety bags & then throw in a few bags of Snickers, Butterfingers, Starbursts, & Sour War Heads. 

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