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  1. Hope you are all safe & doing well. 

  2. Looks like Mononoke is next up on my horror anime watch list. Hope it's good :) 

    1. RuthisianCodex


      @IIVIsouljam I do like it so far. What really caught me is how unique the art style is & there is just this unsettling feeling that sticks around during each episode that refuses to go away. I'm only on the second episode mind you but I'm very intrigued so far. 

  3. Brewing some Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea & it smells lovely in here! 

  4. I swear, Fire Force has one of the best soundtracks EVER! 

  5. I think I like Fire Force just as much as Rise of the Shield Hero, which is really saying something! The music & the fight sequences are incredible! 

  6. Eh, you know I just could not get into Junji Ito Collection at all so I think I'll try Enen No Shouboutai (Fire Force) instead. Hopefully this will be good.

  7. Switching over to Junji Ito Collection for a bit since I've heard it's pretty good.

  8. Cropsey is one of the most interesting documentaries I've ever watched: 


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      so creepy 😂 couldn't watch it

    2. RuthisianCodex
  9. I've watched about 7 episodes of Samurai Champloo & while I really enjoy the aesthetic, the story line just isn't enough to keep me interested. I'm about to check out Mushi-shi, which I've heard is a pretty good horror anime. We'll see. 

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    2. Aladdin


      I watched Paranoi Agent ages ago though I vaguely remember it. I should rewatch it one of those days. I've heard about it but didn't watch it yet. Gotta try it out too.

    3. Ohayotaku


      If you like Higurashi I’d recommend checking out Re:Zero. It may seen like an odd recommendation at first, but their are actually a couple similarities. The first is that both have quite a bit of humor, especially in the beginning, but there are numerous gruesome & soul-crushing death scenes. And more significantly (don’t click unless you’ve at least started the 2nd season of Higurashi

      the MC has to relive these scenarios over & over until he figures out a way to save himself & the people he cares about

    4. RuthisianCodex


      Thanks for the recommendation & the warning @Ohiotaku!

  10. Finally got around to checking out Samurai Champloo & I like it so far, especially the color schemes & music used. 

  11. I'm a few episodes into Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul & I definitely liked the music from the 1st season better so far

  12. Amazing how quickly some good conversation can turn your whole attitude around. 

  13. How was my day? RAWR! That's how it was! 

  14. Just finished Season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul, 12 episodes, & I thought it was excellent. Looking forward to Season 2 & the OVAs. 

  15. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching a movie together on Discord this weekend? 

    1. Nyxnine


      I wish :( my schedule might be changing though with weekends off 😛

    2. Myouya


      Depending on the schedule, I might (^^)

  16. Tokyo Ghoul has caught my attention & after the 1st episode I can tell I'm going to like this quite a bit. 

    1. RuthisianCodex


      Aw yeah, THIS is what I needed to hear this morning...DAMN!


  17. In one of my 'I need to listen to Metallica for a few hours' type moods. 

  18. I'm thinking Sword Art Online might be worth a go after I finish Shield Hero. 

    1. Nyxnine


      I really liked SAO - it made me miss gaming and really wish we had that type of VR in reality. ALAS, anime....hahaha

    2. RuthisianCodex


      The art looks amazing & I like the 1st opening song: 


    3. Nyxnine


      Right? Its really pretty. I definitely liked SAO first season the most. 

      Gungale is alright too. I didn't like Alfheim though. 

      The art is definitely stunning and the story line is intriguing. Costume and character design was well done too. 

      So many different styles of characters and weapons <3

  19. Fair warning, you may need an entire box of tissues for episode 15 of Shield Hero 😭

  20. Raphtalia from Shield Hero is officially my new anime BFF! I simply adore her! ❤️

  21. Just finished Season 2 of Black Butler. Might check out Shield Hero next, I think.

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      shield hero was quite popular here when it aired!

  22. You know, I oughta come up with a cosplay/anime girl workout routine or something for those of us who are trying to get in better shape so that we can dress as our favorite characters.

    Now, before that gets taken wrong I am currently a plus size woman myself & over the last year have been improving my health & losing weight what I've found is that either the plus size anime costumes that are available simply aren't as comfortable as the smaller sizes OR they end up costing more. Just thought I'd throw that in there because I definitely didn't mean to be offensive with my comment ❤️

    1. cowboy


      oh omg when i first read this i thought you were saying to do a workout routine WHILE wearing cosplays and i was like (wouldnt that ruin the clothes?) pffffff

      if you want a good routine i use an app called "home workouts" where you dont have to use any equipment that costs money, you can tailor your workouts to you if they're too hard, and rate them when youre done so the app can adjust them for you.

      the rests in between workouts and the type of workouts you do for each step are designed so that they aren't hard enough to make you COMPLETELY miserable, and they're actually made to best tone your body. like, you remember school p.e. where your teacher just, kind of didnt know what they were doing and just made you do random exercises the whole time with no real focus and just made you miserable? this isn't like that LOL.

      i hate doing them, but they also make me feel really good when im done, its like a mood and energy boost, its really nice.

      before i got sick, when i was doing it regularly, i actually had some awesome muscle tone on my arms. i dont worry too much abt my weight so i customized mine to focus on muscle build to be stronger and healthier, but you can also do exercises that are focused exclusively on quickly burning off some fat if that's what you want.

    2. RuthisianCodex


      Thank you, I will look into that. I currently wear a FitBit & get 20,000 steps a day & watch what I eat. I've lost a good amount of weight so far & because I'm not working myself to exhaustion in the gym everyday it doesn't seem as intense. I get my steps in while I watch my favorite animes or go walking along the nature trails near my house. 

  23. Black Butler Season 2, let's do it! 

  24. Resident Evil 3 is out but I'm too much of a chicken to play it lol!

  25. I feel like getting into mischief...

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