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  1. Harvest Of Time, by Alastair Reynolds, and Love Is The Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson.
  2. Hello everyone. This is my first time writing a review blog. So, uh, let’s jump in! For some reason, the opening reminded me of the opening from the Seven Deadly Sins. And as soon as I saw the art style, I didn’t like it. “Okay, the story better out-weigh this weird style.” I thought. And at first, this show seemed incredibly dumb. The Alvida lady (and her crew) are ridiculously cartoonish characters. I was surprised she didn’t have a Russian accent. Luffy is pretty much a reckless idiot. But the pink-haired dude isn’t all that great either. From what I can tell, this is going to be a pretty silly anime. That means I recommend it if you like stuff like that, but maybe not if you’re into stuff like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures or Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m assuming pink-haired dude will be part of Luffy’s “crew”. The only thing that really interested me was the Zoro guy. He seems cool. There was a thing at the end where, for a few seconds, a dude lifted his head creepily and I'm hoping that’s Zoro. Oh, and the orange-haired girl. She seems pretty awesome and I hope we’ll see her again. And another thing. As with many popular anime’s, I already expected this anime to be a long one, but when I found the actual number my eyes basically popped out of my head. 929 episodes. Yes, you read that right. 929 fucking episodes. I hope my liking of this anime will increase, because otherwise, I'm stuck with it for a long time. I think I should do some kind of rating system, so I’ll give this anime 3 out of 5 stars.
  3. Nishikata & Takagi-san They may be from an unpopular anime, but I really love their friendship. Also, Jessie & James from Pokémon, I wholeheartedly ship them.
  4. I normally watch subs, but my “when mom is around anime’s” include the dubbed version of Naruto. Apparently she read it has milder language. So, sometimes I watch dubs.
  5. Um, has no one noticed my new pfp yet? Also, read my latest blog post please.

    1. OtakuKid


      I’m only on episode 7 of Food Wars, but I already agree!

  6. I was reading a blog post from a blog I like, The Drunken Anime Blog, when I had an idea. “I haven’t even started to watch some popular anime’s like Attack On Titan and Fruits Basket yet, what if I reviewed them like she does?” I usually just use a status update, but I think more people will see if I make blog posts. Good idea, right? Right. Let’s do this. But then I realized a problem. Two, actually. Number one: “Thoughts from a sad, anime-loving lump” doesn’t exactly sound like a reviews blog. It sounds like a blog about my life. Which, it is. Number two: this is my complaints about life blog. So, I decided to start a new blog. Please comment what I should call it, because I have no ideas. Anyway, Love and UwUs, OtakuKid.
  7. Coming back to this a month (or so) later. My preferences for intros now are the Seven Deadly Sins intro, or maybe the Bnha intro #1.
  8. Sitting in my car at “the car place”. My iPad is the only piece of tech I have with me, and it’s at 37%. I’m PRAYING it doesn’t die. Ahhhhhh.

  9. If you are reading this, watch this anime: Bananya on VRV

    Here it is on Crunchyroll: Bananya on Crunchyroll

    and some other sites too: Here it is on TubiTv

    sorry, I couldn’t find anymore. Anyway, readers, watch the first episode on the site of your choice. It’s only three minutes long, so if you end up not liking it, that’s okay. Comment what you think, and watch this anime whenever you want! 



  10. I think the title describes it well enough. Try to use at least vaguely popular anime, please. It’s okay to say “well, I don’t know”. Okay, I’ll go first. Kid and pet go on adventures. Kid enslaves other animals and forces them to work for him.
  11. Okay. First job - N/A Current job- also N/A. (Does school count??) dream job - manga or comic book artist Fav food- waffles Fav dog- uhhh, I don’t like animals. Fav candy- candied buddhas hand (Buddha’s hand is a kind of fruit) Fav ice cream - vanilla Fav vehicle color- bright lime green Fav holiday - Christmas Day if the week- Saturday Tats- 0 Like to cook- NEVER Drive stick- N/A Like veg - I love them!!! Wear glasses - glasses? All the time. Fav season- summer
  12. Miraculously, somehow they cancer???? Oh well. My word is: caused
  13. Which one? It would be kind of awkward hugging both. Oh well....
  14. I’m back to this thread a third time. I don’t really want to write them out, but here’s my watchlist on VRV. (Note: some of these I’m rewatching)
  15. Rurouni Kenshin, maybe? Hatena☆Illusion is a recent comedy, a bit ecchi. Sing “Yesterday” For Me is only one season but it’s pretty good. That’s about all I can think of right now.
  16. Um, I’m pretty sure you don’t have Mitchiri Neko on there. I know it’s not super common but I really enjoyed it. And if it is already on there, my bad.
  17. I’m currently reading the Bleach manga. It’s very interesting. More similar to the actual show than I thought it would be, except for the fact I like it more than the show itself. I’m thinking of starting another anime, since the only things I’m currently watching are Bnha,  Pokémon, and Yu-gi-oh! 

  18. I’m about as tech-savvy as your average American, but I just wanted to make a contribution to this popular-seeming thread. Computers? I use a Windows 7. Seriously, if you stalked me, on the off chance I wasn’t watching anime or reading manga, I would be playing Purble Palace. I’ve had people tell me it’s “gross”, or that I’m some kind of premature boomer (I’m not allowed to drive a car yet, buddy... [although admittedly I do love “outdated” stuff.]) Anyway, in my opinion new computers are overrated because why would you want all those special features when you can have internet connection, fun games, and pre-set musical wonders? .....aaaaand I just realized people on here are using weird acronyms. I feel like Kaminari being brain-dead.
  19. Look what I made! Actually, I made this a few weeks ago. Nothing like a free afternoon, a photo editing app, and love for Tsu-chan because she is AWESOME.

  20. I’ve recently been getting into some more kawaii anime’s like Mitchiri Neko. The platforms I currently use for anime viewing are VRV and Netflix. If you didn’t know, VRV gets their anime from Crunchyroll and Hidive. Any suggestions?
  21. Hmmmm. I don’t really watch any anime in general YouTubers, but i watch this dude, a pokétuber: Patterrz I watch gaming, too: Kindly Keyin Graystillplays BuzzFeed Multiplayer and occasionally some animators: Tabbes LavenderTowne TheOdd1sOut Jaiden Animations more often, though, I watch this awesome lady do crafty stuff: Moriah Elizabeth
  22. I like any of the Ghibli’s (as do many others), and Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners Of the Sky.
  23. Hi Meera, nice to meet you. Welcome to AF! I love your profile picture.
  24. Hello CatSoul! The community welcomes you. And since you’ve already done forums, you probably won’t have any problem finding your way around!
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