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  1. Aaaand I just spent about 20 minutes writing a blog post. Please check it out, I’m off to binge Boku No Hero Academia.

  2. I’m binging anime on this new site I found called VRV. Free account making, and once you do you get a huge range of free anime. You don’t HAVE to make an account but if you do you can comment.

    there are a few ads, cause it’s free, but they’re not too annoying. If you’re looking for a new place to watch anime, check this place out.

    1. Ohayotaku


      I’ve been using it for about a year. But with a paid account so don’t have to wait a week on some new episodes. Pretty happy with it. Gives you access to Crunchyroll & HiDive’s libraries.

  3. Just bought a mystery points box, and completely regretted it. Oh well, the loss could be worse.

  4. Currently binging Yu-Gi-Oh!, and loving it.

  5. Phil and Saga (A Little Snow Fairy Sugar) both have crushes on each other and it’s so obvious so dammit just kiss already!

  6. You need to watch A Little Snow Fairy Sugar! It seems a little dumb at first but by episode seven you’ll LOVE it.

  7. The Seven Deadly Sins is amaaaaaazing 

    sometimes I forget that

    1. RuthisianCodex


      I need to check this show out at some point. 

    2. OtakuKid


      Yes, you do.

  8. You like Spirited Away too? And Bleach? I see we have the same anime preferences.

  9. Today I’m finally getting around to finishing the Seven Deadly Sins movie. It came out on Netflix about four months ago, but I started it and never finished. I can’t wait, cause I LOVE Seven Deadly Sins. I ship King/Diane so hard. And when it actually became canon and they kissed? Pure gold. Aaaaaanyway, I’m super excited.

  10. *warning* *this contains spoilers for episode 6 of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar*


    omfg. Ok, so, in this episode, Sugar gets told off for oversleeping, takes it personally, and practices her magic harder, overworking herself. Saga gets annoyed. Sugar tells Saga about her amazing mom, which reminds Saga of her deceased mom. So saga gets sad, which makes her mad. She blames Sugar. The two get angry and fight. Then (cause they’re both stubborn) they refuse to apologize to each other. Sugar and Saga both WANT to apologize. The next day, Sugar sees Elder Fairy (he’s dumb and kind of a perv) writing a love letter to his crush. She gets an idea. She goes home, and try’s to write Saga an apology letter. Unfortunately, she writes it on the only thing Saga has left of her mother, some sheet-music. Saga walks in and sees it. Also, Sugar can’t write so it looks weird. That’s what happened so far. I’m kind of worried to watch the last few minutes. Will Saga get even angrier? Will they make up? Ahhhhhhh anticipation!  

  11. My art class assignment is drawing manga! 

  12. I always watch a little anime before I do my math. I haven’t done any math ever since I started doing that. Good system, huh?

  13. Recently started an anime called A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and I am really enjoying it.

  14. It’s so hot :(

  15. Ya know, I srsly just keep forgetting I have an account on here.

  16. Currently watching the cringiest anime ever. It’s about a 25 year old teacher. He’s unmarried, but then a 14 year old girl travels in time from 200 years ago, and they become a couple. And it gets worse. It’s so bad it’s almost an ok show.

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    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      'and stopped trying to tackle the teacher dude into having babies with her.'

      nah I think this is not for me 😂 but I had heard about the show before actually

    3. OtakuKid


      Haha ok

      where did u hear about it? Just curious.

    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      can't really remember but when I read the name and saw the images right now, I remembered that I had seen it before. hope it gets better though 😂 

  17. Finally back on the forums! I was having a pretty busy past few days but I’m back! Yay!!!!!!

    Anyways, so. Hi. Yeah.

  18. Slightly annoyed it’s Monday.

  19. Status? Watching anime, duuhhhh

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