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  1. Finally back on the forums! I was having a pretty busy past few days but I’m back! Yay!!!!!!

    Anyways, so. Hi. Yeah.

  2. Slightly annoyed it’s Monday.

  3. Luna Lovegood~12 Cho Chang~11 Penelope Clearwater~9 Marcus Belby~10 Professor Trelawney~10 Professor Flitwick~10 Gilderoy Lockheart~10 Helena Ravenclaw~9
  4. Hello peers, I am a ravenclaw. I presume this is where we will be spending most of our time?
  5. I guess that explains my emotionless-ness. Thank you, dere types. Sometimes I’m pretty friendly, but that’s usually with people I know. I’d say Rukia from Bleach is kind of a Kuudere. Also, it’s Monday now. Logically I should get my work over with but it’s kind of difficult to find motivation. It takes me motivation to write in here since I don’t always want to open up my feelings. Monday’s are annoying but at least I can be alone in my house, without the annoyance of others. That’s pretty nice. Ok so bye I guess
  6. Ok cool thanks RuthisianCodex and Ohiotaku *clap*
  7. Yeah, Naruto’s Sakura is the one i was talking about.
  8. I’m currently watching Kemurikusa (although I’m not 100% sure it’s an anime, can someone PLEASE tell me if it is?) and I’m rewatching Naruto Shippuden
  9. So... tbh I don’t even care too much. I mean, I care about death... (btw i lie a lot. It’s a habit, I’m good at it.) ok, self. Honesty. Please don’t hate me, but I feel.... nothing. I’m not sad about the death, or anxious about getting infected, or happy cause I get to be alone. It’s pretty great I can watch more anime, but I still have online school. All that crap. So, my emotions? Glad, cause of anime, and stressed, cause of school. I feel like Gowther from The Seven Deadly Sins about this. (Then again, I feel like him on about almost everything). I don’t care about conspiracy’s or any of that junk. I just want to sit and watch anime. My parents don’t have work anymore but they’re getting unemployment. I’m gonna go back to my anime now. I’m at a good part. Love and UwU’s, OtakuKid
  10. Hey. Netflix recommendations anyone? Also, plz take my polls
  11. Status? Watching anime, duuhhhh

  12. There’s this one anime on AnimeBam called Kemurikusa I’m really into, but after paying close attention to the artwork, I realize it might just be a Japanese cartoon. Anyone here seen it? It’s so good! And even if it is a Japanese cartoon, I’ll still finish it. I just wanted to know, is it considered an anime? Cause some of the stuff on AnimeBam definitely isn’t anime.
  13. #3, and I’d really like to cosplay as Sakura from Naruto one day. Here’s a cool Sakura cosplay I found online
  14. Hello, my name is OtakuKid, and, well... I like anime, a lot! I consider myself an Otaku-In-Training, cause I have the dedication but I’ve only been seriously into anime for about 2 years. I watch popular anime’s and nonpopular ones too. I basically don’t care how popular it is, only how good it is. My other hobbies are hiking and drawing. I’m not really into sports. This website seemed pretty cool, so I got an account. I dunno what else to say. My dream is to cosplay as Sakura. (I really like her) With love and uwu’s Your pal OtakuKid
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