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  1. Your persona is very wholesome =^.^= Ki o tsukete , neko-chan ! I'm glad someone is on my side What shows do you prefer? I'm very curious!
  2. This is a Star Trek reference but you're going to hate me when I tell you this . . . I've never watched it all the way through!!! The same goes for Star Wars I have no good excuse for this. I was corrupted as a child. I was dropped on my head. I'm an abomination. Nobody loves me. I solely watched anime and cartoons for hours with drool dangling from my mouth and a deadpan stare. BUT HEY, let's look on the bright side. The thing people have enjoyed for years is something I still get to enjoy with fresh eyes! I just gotta, you know, watch it . . . O_O
  3. Hello @Illusion of Terra ! Some situations are different. Depending on the project, a manga writer could also be the artist. There could be multiple writers that assist the main writer with certain story elements. There could be multiple artists working on the same project while one writer is handling the "blueprint" as a whole. Typically, there's only one main writer and one main artist. My job as a manga writer is to not only create the story but sketch up character designs , the world the story takes place in (the setting, as you've mentioned), create rough drafts of each page, and to put it simply, anything you see in the final stages of a manga project comes from the ol' noodle . But ultimately, writers are required to have some kind of drawing skills in the professional world. I personally enjoy working with other artists who are MUCH MUCH more talented in the art department. Plus, a lot of work gets done faster when you're with a team. 2 heads are better than 1, right? You'll probably never see someone doing everything by themselves in a creative project like this especially when you have a schedule to maintain. Trust me, Deadlines are a . Hahaha, hope this answers your question. Thanks for chatting!
  4. @IIVIsouljam I'd like to hear your children's book ideas, sometime People might say manga is harder but Winnie The Pooh is a masterpiece! I'm crying !!! That's too funny. If you don't put that in one of your books , then I don't know what I'd do ! If you like rollerblading , then you must've watched the anime "Air Gear" ??? This show puts you in the perfect mood for it and I love it! Absolutely not! My first impression was "Oh, hey! Somebody with some personality! You don't see that often " Cheers!
  5. @IIVIsouljam Nice to meet you! I appreciate the hospitality Is it difficult to be a manga writer? Absolutely! Now, if you were to ask a multitude of writers what made writing manga difficult, then I'm sure you would get a whole list of different complaints! . . . I mean, answers. For me, I'd say it's difficult because when you're sitting there for hours, thinking about an interesting concept or a crazy character OR AN INTERESTING CHARACTER THAT HAS CRAZY CONCEPTS!!! and then you finally think of something amazing. . . it's imperative to know that we can't hold onto that amazing idea for dear life. A good writer knows that ideas evolve. Sometimes, they evolve to the point that they aren't even the same idea anymore! So, it's important that your pride isn't holding you back from your creative process because you will ALWAYS come up with a better idea As far as what got me started with writing manga, I think it was just the will to try it one day! Always loved writing stories when I was younger. I also day dream 24 7 so I'm consistently thinking about "what if" scenarios anyway Love Haikyuu, btw. And I agree, sports anime do hit you with that "Oh snap! I feel like I'm learning how to play the game alongside (Insert Novice Protagonist That Becomes a Badass Pro Without Super Powers Here) " Thank you for the great questions! Let's talk any time!
  6. Why thank you very much! 2 of them are, actually My goal is to attack every genre there is! I love psychological and mystery but who knows. . . maybe Romance will be my bread and butter!
  7. Hey, All You Cool Cats and Kittens!--No, no. . . I'm kidding. Er, Hmph. . . Greetings, Everyone from AF!! XD My name is Quentin. Formerly known as PeacemakerQ !! Or Peace. . . Or Maker. . . Or. . . Uh, you know what? Q is just fine. ^_^" Something about myself, you ask? OH! I'm a manga writer. I have about 5 projects in the works right now and my DREAM is to get serialized! Become an anime, you know? . . .YOU KNOW?? I love mystery and psychological stories the best but, BUT. . . I do love action and adventure also, ALSO. . . I really like sport animes and thrillers! You know what, though. . . you show me an anime you're passionate about and I'll most def take a look at it I'm a pretty open-minded guy when you get to know me. So, hopefully I get to talk with most of you here ^_^. Feel free to ask me about my manga projects as well! Happy Foruming! Er, h-Happy Readings! Watchings?? Cheers!
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