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Status Updates posted by Loli

  1. Bring back art contests or make events to make people participate, Just do something.

  2. @w@

    Tired of not existing.


  3. Pizza time. <3

    1. Zila


      Yuuuss.~ 🙌

  4. More badges. uwu

  5. Drawing soothes my depression.



  7. It's friday and the body knows it!


  8. < 3 

  9. I got this vibe I swear she love getting high to:


  10. All the things she said running through my head:


    1. efaardvark


      This version made me remember what the world is like on speed.  (aka amphetamines.. probably dating myself)

    2. Ohayotaku


      I remember this song being in the Birds of Prey tv series :P 

  11. Watashi wa mō shinde iru...


  12. Me, myself & I:


  13. You make colors out of grey:


  14. Sweet dreams are made of this:


  15. I got found when I felt lost.


  16. The Creative Art Contest is a no go? Waiting since 2020 to participate in it... :c

    1. XII360


      organizer (being seshi) retired, and since then, no one really has taken the chance to suggest contests

      big F/sad on the comment section

  17. Member of the Month since 2020? Needs updating..

  18. The same corrupt mod with silent perma ban privilages on MAL and AniList hates my guts. I remain here at least.

  19. Have a lovely weekend. 

  20. Love this site so much. 

    1. Myouya


      Isn't it splendid?

    2. Loli


      It's pretty chill too.

  21. Congrats to @PrestigeTweeker for scoring 100% on the Death Note True/False quiz. You are one smart cookie!

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